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Ridge Security Welcomes Bret Hartman to Advisory Team
[November 20, 2023]

Ridge Security Welcomes Bret Hartman to Advisory Team

Ridge Security, the cutting-edge automated security validation solution provider, announces the appointment of Bret Hartman as its Senior Advisor. With over four decades of experience in the cybersecurity industry, Bret brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Ridge Security, reinforcing the company's commitment to innovation and excellence.

As an accomplished industry veteran, Bret has made significant contributions in the cybersecurity space. With a distinguished career that includes serving as the CTO of isco's security business unit, Bret played a pivotal role in defining the security technology strategy for Cisco's $3B+ security business. He has also held key positions at RSA and EMC, where he drove strategic acquisitions and technology advancements.

"Inviting Bret as Senior Advisor to Ridge Security was a slam dunk decision," says Nick Mo, CEO and Co-founder of Ridge Security. "Ridge Security continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, and the addition of Bret as Senior Advisor marks a significant milestone in the company's growth journey."

"Cultivating success takes a village, and I'm thrilled to join the Ridge Security Team as the Senior Advisor. Together, we'll innovate, overcome challenges, and redefine what's possible," states Bret Hartman, "I am impressed with Ridge Security's innovative approach to automated security validation, and I look forward to collaborating with the team to further enhance the technology and drive impactful solutions to customers."

In his role as Senior Advisor, Bret will provide strategic guidance and insights to Ridge Security, contributing to the company's efforts in creating advanced security solutions and addressing the evolving challenges faced by businesses in today's rapidly morphing security landscape.

About Ridge Security RidgeBot

RidgeBot® by Ridge Security enables CISOs to reduce cyber risks through exposure management: conducting extensive AI-powered automated penetration testing and attack simulation that prioritizes and validates cybersecurity efforts and controls. RidgeBot identifies attack surfaces and vulnerabilities to exploit using hacker tactics, techniques, and procedures, but avoids the need for additional staff or tools.

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