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Huawei Launches AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 All-Scenario APs to upgrade the network experience of customers in the education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries
[November 17, 2023]

Huawei Launches AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 All-Scenario APs to upgrade the network experience of customers in the education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries

PARIS, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At Huawei Connect 2023 in Paris today, Huawei launched its All-Scenario WLAN Solution, which continuously promotes the application of the Wi-Fi 7 standard technology in the enterprise market and continuously upgrades the network experience of customers in the education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Yang Chaobin, Huawei Board Member and President of ICT Products and Solutions said: ''The industry's first commercial Wi-Fi 7 APs support 120 concurrent channels of HD video, and provide ubiquitous 10-Gbps bandwidth''. Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 All-Scenario APs stand out with ultra-high single-terminal rate and AP throughput. On top of that, Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 APs draw on many innovative technologies — such as dynamic-zoom smart antenna, Coordinated Spatial Reuse (CoSR) multi-AP coordination, and AI roaming — to offer up to 10 Gbps wireless bandwidth and enable intelligent multimedia scheduling. In this way, a single AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 AP supports up to 120 high-density concurrent users at workplaces, which are free from rate limiting or bandwidth contention from download services. All of these traits make Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 an ideal choice for high-density office scenarios.

Huawei has a strong track record in the enterprise Wi-Fi field and is a major contributor to Wi-Fi 4 through Wi-Fi 7. In the European enterprise markets, Huawei AirEngine products are widely used in education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, and other sectors. Huawei has always focused on the experience, requirements, and pain points of customers to build high-quality Wi-Fi networks for enterprises, and has been racking up the accolades.

Recently, Huawei has won the "Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network 2023" Award at the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) IndustryAwards 2023 for its field-proven High-quality AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 Network Solution. This is the very first award for Wi-Fi 7, reflecting how significantly Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 APs have been recognized by global enterprise users. 2023 is the first year to witness the commercial use of Wi-Fi 7 APs, marking the first time in which this latest Wi-Fi standard has truly started to serve people in both daily work and life. The accolade signifies the widespread recognition of innovative ideas, field-proven applications, and leadership of Huawei's AirEngine Wi-Fi series products.

Moreover, following the trend of Wi-Fi evolution, Huawei already prepared the next trend: Multi-GE campus evolution.

As Wi-Fi 7 delivers more bandwidth, campus networks have to afford this traffic which is why a multi-Ge campus evolution is forthcoming. With the transition from 1Ge access switches to 2.5Ge access, this choice is driven by two main reasons: 2.5Ge can afford Wi-Fi 7 traffic and it can support all types of devices using 2.5Ge, 1Ge, 100Mb and 10Mb. Importantly, this also allows customers to keep their current cabling where they cannot replace it immediately, offering the smoothest transition to Wi-Fi 7.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to dive into enterprise Wi-Fi networks and work with global enterprises to explore more innovative Wi-Fi use cases in enterprise workplaces, production and manufacturing, education, healthcare, and other sectors. The company will further unleash the huge potential of Wi-Fi networks and other innovations to drive the digital transformation of industries.

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