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Bitget Wallet Attends Devconnect Istanbul & Holds Exclusive Collaboration Event with 1inch
[November 14, 2023]

Bitget Wallet Attends Devconnect Istanbul & Holds Exclusive Collaboration Event with 1inch

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Nov. 14, 2023 /CNW/ -- Bitget Wallet, renowned as a premier one-stop Web3 trading wallet and formerly known as BitKeep Wallet, makes a significant appearance at Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey. This week-long Ethereum developer conference is a crucial gathering for Ethereum's developers, researchers, and key figures to discuss technical advancements and challenges. Along with its attendance at the conference, Bitget Wallet sponsors the unStable Summit, a global summit focusing on stablecoins, on November 15. This event sees Bitget Wallet joining forces with industry giants like Curve Finance. In a similar vein, the wallet is collaborating with 1inch, a prominent player in the Web3 space, to hold an exclusive offline event.

Exploring Optimal Swap Experiences: Bitget Wallet and 1inch Collaboration

The strong alliance between Bitget Wallet and 1inch marks a significant stride in the decentralized exchange (DEX) arena. Renowned for its DEX aggregation and efficient trading algorithms, 1inch ensures users receive the best transaction prices and minimal slippage. Bitget Wallet, focusing on decentralized trading as a cornerstone of its services, aims to revolutionize the Web3 transaction experience and emerge as the ultimate decentralized trading gateway.

The depth of this partnership is showcased through the incorporation of 1inch into Bitget Wallet's Swap feature, Bitget Swap. Bitget Swap, playing a pivotal role in the wallet, now supports nearly 30 mainnets. It merges the liquidity of various DEXs and cross-chain bridges, with 1inch being a key player. The integration includes the 1inch Limit Order Protocol, empowering users to place orders at specific prices on multiple chains.

Bitget Swap is at the forefront of product innovation, introducing features such as gas-free transactions and automatic slippage adjustments, significantly enhancing the user experience. Notably, it has pionered the industry-first feature of on-chain candlestick charts, providing users with real-time, insightful data for informed trading decisions. All these features streamline the trading process while reducing user costs and offering a seamless multi-chain trading experience.

Further, the inclusion of Flashbots in Bitget Swap enhances transaction privacy and security, safeguarding against malicious MEV attacks on the Ethereum chain. This feature also ensures users benefit from any MEV proceeds generated during transactions.

Bitget Swap's versatility extends to various trading modes, including limit orders and the globally accessible Quick Buy service. These features bring the convenience and familiarity of centralized trading platforms to the decentralized wallet environment.

Upcoming Turkish Ecosystem Expansion Plan

Announced at Devconnect Istanbul, Bitget Wallet's Turkish ecosystem expansion plan addresses Turkey's increasing interest in cryptocurrencies, especially as a hedge against high inflation. The diversification of the market and growing interest in emerging concepts like NFTs and the Metaverse bode well for Web3 development in the region.

Bitget Wallet is highly optimistic about Turkey's potential in the Web3 domain. Seizing this event as a pivotal opportunity, the team plans to engage with local Turkish projects, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and communities. This initiative is aimed at driving a range of ecological activities specifically for the Turkish market, to deliver unparalleled products and services to Turkish users in the Web3 space.

Innovative Leadership in the Trading Wallet Domain

As a leading Web3 trading wallet, Bitget Wallet offers a comprehensive array of on-chain products and DeFi services, including wallet functionality, swap, NFT trading, DApp browsers, and more. The recent introduction of the MPC wallet highlights its commitment to security and usability in Web3.

Bitget Wallet has set new industry standards with several pioneering achievements:

The first to offer an overview of the entire blockchain ecosystem, integrating assets across multiple blockchains.

The first to introduce a DEX market feature, utilizing real-time blockchain data for intelligent asset management and trend analysis.

The first to enable seamless cross-chain transactions, simplifying the transfer of assets between public chains without the need for understanding complex processes like gas fees and cross-chain bridges.

The first to support a comprehensive NFT marketplace, fully integrating the Web3 ecosystem within its wallet services.

The user base and recognition of Bitget Wallet are consistently growing. It now boasts over 12 million global users, ranking as the seventh most popular crypto hot wallet globally according to CoinGecko. Additionally, ranks it the fourth most downloaded wallet worldwide in the past month.

Bitget Wallet is the top 4 most installed wallet in Oct 2023(on iOS and Google Play sotre)

According to DappRadar, Bitget Swap often features in the top ten of all DeFi projects in terms of transaction volume and active users. It competes closely with trending projects like MetaMask and is sometimes even ahead. The community particularly favors the Swap function for its smooth and efficient trading experience.

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