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E-Scopics announces commercial launch of Hepatoscope in the US and opens its subsidiary in the USA
[November 09, 2023]

E-Scopics announces commercial launch of Hepatoscope in the US and opens its subsidiary in the USA

E-Scopics, the innovative software-based point-of-care ultrasound company based in France, today announced it has opened its US subsidiary and will start commercializing Hepatoscope to US customers while attending The Liver Meeting® 2023 in Boston, from Nov 11. Product demonstrations will take place on the company's booth D2934, and first users will share their experience and vision on its impact on the management of patient at risk of MASLD-MASH during the company's Product Theater, on Sunday, Nov 12 at 3:45pm, Product Theater 1, Exhibit Hall B.

Hepatoscope is a bedside ultraportable ultrasound system that provides measurement tools for the assessment of chronic liver diseases. It combines the benefits of well-known transient elastography for Liver Stiffness Measurement (LSM), with ultrasound imaging and quantification from premium ultrasound, within an ultraportable form factor. This will enable its nomad use at the point of care, by various clinicians ranging from diabetologists, nutritionists, primary care physicians and beyond.

Referring to his personal experience, Dr. Naim Alkhouri, the Chief Medical Officer at Arizona Liver Health, states, "There is a growing clinical need to stratify patients at risk of MASLD-MASH at the point of care, to improve their referral to liver specialists. We need more reliable and cheaper screening tools to do this."

Hepatoscope is the first product from E-Scopics' unique and revolutionary proprietary platform, which dematerializes ultrasound as a software. This new concept of Ultrasound-as-a-Service (UaaS) allows an agile adaptation to specific utrasound applications to democratize their use to non-expert users. The platform provides ultra-low power ultrasound and ultrafast imaging capability, which can support premium ultrasound modalities in an ultra-portable form factor.

"We no longer have to compromise imaging performances with form factor. Our products are unique in providing all premium quantitative ultrasound tools at the point of care," said E-Scopics' Founder and CEO Claude Cohen-Bacrie. "In so doing we allow the democratization of ultrasound to clinicians across the spectrum of specialties."

The company received its latest U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for Hepatoscope, with extended indications for use to estimate ultrasound parameters in liver tissue that are linked to steatosis: Ultrasound Attenuation (ATT), Speed Of Sound (SOS) and BackScattering Coefficient (BSC).

"Following our clinical evaluation of Hepatoscope, it becomes clear to me that the device is ideally positioned for screening of MASLD-MASH. However, there might be an even more promising application beyond LSM with its Quantitative Ultrasound tools for the monitoring of GLP1 agonist drugs," said Pr. Victor De L├ędinghen, Bordeaux University Hospital.

The company is also progressively identifying and developing applications beyond Hepatoscope. This will pave the way toward a new approach of ultrasound with quantitative tools dedicated to several clinical indications within primary care.

Claude Cohen-Bacrie concludes: "More than an ultrasound company, I like to see E-Scopics as a data company with a potential evolution in the field of preventive and predictive care. I am extremely proud of the experienced team that we have been able to gather to start writing this new chapter of ultrasound technology."

About E-Scopics

E-Scopics S.A.S is a MedTech company headquartered in France. The company advances accessibility, affordability and ease of use of premium and quantitative ultrasound tools at the point of care. It has dematerialized ultrasound imaging technologies to create an agile and premium software ultrasound platform. Ultrasound-as-a-Service products derived from this platform are specific Apps commercialized with pay-per-use or subscription business models. The company's first product, Hepatoscope, leverages quantitative imaging capabilities to help assess non-invasively liver fibrosis and steatosis. It targets the non-invasive assessment of chronic liver diseases and especially MASLD-MASH at the bedside. To learn more visit

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