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Acalvio Proudly Becomes a Benefactor of MITRE EngageTM
[November 08, 2023]

Acalvio Proudly Becomes a Benefactor of MITRE EngageTM

Acalvio Technologies today announced it is a MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense Benefactor, supporting MITRE EngageTM to advance threat-informed defense globally. A leader in deception technology, Acalvio's role as a benefactor aligns with its vision of enabling enterprise defenders to detect, engage and deter malicious threats present in their networks.

MITRE Engage is the world's leading framework for cyber deception, as well a global community that brings together cyber defenders, decision-makers and vendors for open conversations and planning on the future of deception technology. Deeply informed by the MITRE ATT&CK® knowledge base, the Engage community assumes network compromises are inevitable and therefore focuses on furthering adoption of cyber denial, deception and adversary engagement as part of a defensive cyber strategy.

"Defending against today's sophisticated adversaries requires new, threat-informed defense tactics and techniques and the work being done within MITRE Engage is admirable," said Ram Varadarajan, CEO and co-founder of Acalvio Technologies. "Acalvio is proud to be a benefactor of this prestigious organization and support the research and development to advance innovation in cyber deception and adversary engagement."

Acalvio supports the Engage framework and provides deception technology-based robust solutions for IT Security, OT Security, Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Zero Trust and Ransomware Protection.

"MITRE Engage TM was built on the principle that, by coming together as a community, we could lower the barrier to entry, while raising the ceiling of expertise for defenders to use adversary engagement technologies. The benefactor program embodies this community spirit by paving the way for fture innovation and capability development to be available for all," said Maretta Morovitz lead for MITRE Engage. "We are grateful to Acalvio Technologies for their leadership and commitment to this community, as our first benefactor. We look forward to continued partnership with Acalvio and the entire adversary engagement community as we work to continue to expand MITRE Engage to enable operations within and across the public and private sectors."

As a benefactor of the program, Acalvio will play an active role in planning and executing strategies and technologies designed for industry, government and cyber vendor communities to defend against adversaries. Defenders utilizing Engage's adversary engagement tools to plan, execute and analyze strategy are able to build security controls that protect their perimeter and interior environments.

"Our benefactors drive innovation in adversary engagement and ensure state-of-the-art guidance on the safe and effective use of these technologies is continuously available to the global cyber community. We are grateful for Acalvio Technologies' support," said Jon Baker, Director, Center for Threat-Informed Defense, MITRE Engenuity. "Mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® techniques, MITRE EngageTM enables defenders to expose and affect adversarial operations or to elicit cyber threat intelligence from adversaries operating on defender-controlled networks."

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About Center for Threat-Informed Defense

The Center for Threat-Informed Defense is a non-profit, privately funded research and development organization operated by MITRE Engenuity. The Center's mission is to advance the state of the art and the state of the practice in threat-informed defense globally. Comprised of participant organizations from around the globe with highly sophisticated security teams, the Center builds on MITRE ATT&CK, an important foundation for threat-informed defense used by security teams and vendors in their enterprise security operations. Because the Center operates for the public good, outputs of its research and development are available publicly and for the benefit of all. Learn More:

About MITRE Engage

MITRE EngageTM is a framework for planning and discussing adversary engagement activities. Engage maps to ATT&CK tactics and techniques to illuminate threat-informed opportunities for defensive activities. Engage enables defenders to Expose and Affect adversarial operations or to Elicit cyber threat intelligence from adversaries operating on defender-controlled networks. Overall, the technologies described in Engage drive up the costs, while driving down the value, of malicious cyber operations. Benefactor contributions will help Engage drive innovation in adversary engagement and ensure state-of-the-art guidance on the safe and effective use of these technologies is continuously available to the global cyber community. Learn More:

About Acalvio Technologies

Acalvio, the leader in cyber deception technology, helps enterprises actively defend against advanced security threats. Acalvio's Active Defense Platform, built on 25 issued patents in autonomous deception and advanced AI, provides robust solutions for Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Advanced Threat Detection, OT Security, Zero Trust, Active Directory Protection and Ransomware Protection. The Silicon Valley-based company's solutions serve Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and are available to deploy on-premises, in the cloud or via marquee managed service providers. For more information, please visit

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