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Frontegg Forward™: Customer Identity becomes the nerve center and growth engine of SaaS
[November 07, 2023]

Frontegg Forward™: Customer Identity becomes the nerve center and growth engine of SaaS

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Frontegg, the premier customer identity and access management platform for modern SaaS, unveils Frontegg Forward™. This fundamental leap ahead transforms how SaaS companies approach customer identity, positioning it as a central hub for growth and innovation. The updated platform introduces four innovations aimed at streamlining user management, bolstering security, and offering predictive insights – essentials for the next decade of SaaS growth.

  1. Out-of-the-Box Organizational Structures - Handle complex hierarchies without the fuss.
  2. Delegated Identity Management - Enhance security through end-user controls.
  3. AI-Powered App Analytics - Derive insights without extra coding.
  4. Unified Authorization - Feature flags, subscription checks, and more in one API.

Frontegg has been adopted by hundreds of organizations worldwide, and developers recently ranked it atop the Leaders quadrant for customer identity and access management (CIAM) on G2. The Frontegg platform saves these app builders precious time in handling complex customer identity use cases within their apps, through its no-code and self-service embedded capabilities. Frontegg Forward™ now expands even further the scope and boundaries of CIAM to carry SaaS vendors through the growth and transformation challenges of the coming decade.

Across all aspects of customer identity management, Frontegg Forward™ allows users to easily upgrade from basic functionality to advanced use cases and deliver real value for their end customers anywhere along the SaaS maturity curve:

  • Easy-to-Set Up Complex Organizational Structures. Frontegg Forward’s Hierarchies enable flexible organizational design capabilities with the construction of multi-tiered, nested, and multi-tenant SaaS application structures. Teams and admins can easily define roles, permission associations, access controls, and layers for sub-organizations with the ability to set inheritance of privileges at any sub-layer.

    “Frontegg already excels in allowing developers to easily master large-scale, complex use cases that have until now defied their best efforts. In customer demos, architects often express amazement at our ability to solve multi-app and complex organizational structure user-management challenges. Frontegg Forward ushers in a new era of enabling developers to overcome this complexity,” said Sagi Rodin, CEO, Frontegg.

  • Security through three layers of innovation.

    The engine layer introduces state-of-the-art proprietary engines like Too-fast-to-Travel, Bot Detection, and Stale Users among others. The backoffice layer offers SaaS vendors a comprehensive dashboard, granting real-time security posture visibility throughout their entire account set. The most groundbreaking aspect, the Security self-serve layer, lets end-users peer into the identity posture of their accounts through the Frontegg Admin Portal, amplifying trust and accountability.

  • AI- Powered App Intelligence. Frontegg Forward Signals, a native analytics engine, enables SaaS vendors to get actionable insights directly within their Frontegg back-office – without any extra event coding or infrastructure. Signals applies machine learning to sense patterns and uncovers insights on all app behaviors, including feature adoption rates and geographical spread. It spotlights low-performing POCs and flags low utilization accounts in danger of churn or abandonment. Additionally, it highlights the presence of product champions and influential personas within an account, supporting a valuable new layer of relationship management. Signals Integration modules export insights to third-party tools – like Slack or other tools (via webhooks) — to add SaaS intelligence to existing workflows.

    “AI and advanced identity data analytics are playing a growing role in almost every area of IAM, and it enables IAM operations to be more risk-aware and automated with better visibility.”*

  • Dynamic Entitlements. Frontegg Entitlements Engine unifies UI, API, and code protection into a single authorization API, expanding beyond the context of RBAC. The engine will take into account factors such as feature flags, subscription tiers, trial status and security posture to decide whether a user is permitted to perform an action within an app.

    “We used to have three sets of ‘if’ statement predicates in our code, just to decide whether a user can access a certain API, one checking roles, another feature-flags and lastly validating that the user has paid for this feature. With Frontegg we eliminate the need to use many APIs and vendors, and move the logic management to the product and revenue owners instead of the developers,” said Ofir Assif, Director of Engineering at Hunters Security.

A Security, Revenue, and Operational Efficiency Engine for SaaS

The array of new capabilities in Frontegg Forward unlocks entirely new use cases that drive direct improvements on the top line, the bottom line, and key customer satisfaction metrics.

  • Developers using Frontegg will save time while improving application security, compliance, and resilience. They provide a robust platform that prevents user errors, enables rich log file aggregation and security analytics, and reduces access problems or outages resulting from CIAM misconfigurations.
  • Security teams can view on a single dashboard overall organizational security posture levels and risks or drill down to view specific risks, teams, geographics, or sub-organizations — and they can also delegate security posture configuration to end users, saving time and improving security.
  • Product and revenue teams can bring new features to market quickly and test new product bundles and strategies through streamlined entitlement, feature flag management, and account-based access controls.
  • Growth managers can tap Frontegg’s analytics feeds to glean behavioral patterns and easily separate signals from noise in meaningful product interactions.
  • Business development and partnership teams can now empower Resellers and MSPs to quickly and easily set up or modify access and privilege structures for channels, accounts, or even sub-accounts. These can be deployed both within organizations and across organizations in collaborative settings.

Recognized as a top CIAM platform by G2 Crowd, Frontegg delivers a holistic identity management suite that scales from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Customers include Siemens, Cider Security (acquired by Palo Alto Networks), Talon Security, Flowcode and others. The Forward platform expansion moves identity and access management toward its ultimate role” as the nerve center and growth engine of a SaaS application. “The SaaS landscape is growing more and more competitive. Efficient SaaS operators will win,” says Rodin. “Our goal is to give every SaaS company the ability to drive efficiency, improve security, and grow revenues by empowering users and customers to manage their own experiences. Frontegg Forward helps them do this at every stage of their SaaS roadmap, from the first user to the millionth user.”

*Gartner, 2024 Planning Guide for Identity and Access Management, By Erik Wahlstrom, Homan Farahmand, Mary Ruddy, Paul Rabinovich, Nat Krishnan, Gautham Mudra, David Chase Gartner, Published on October 4, 2023

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

About Frontegg
Frontegg empowers modern SaaS companies to elevate customer identity management as a strategic business driver, enhancing both security and user experience. As one of the top-ranked CIAM platforms, recognized by G2 Crowd, Frontegg offers a comprehensive suite of identity management functionalities. From seamless onboarding flows and advanced user entitlements to robust authorization, role management, account security measures, and multi-tenancy support, Frontegg equips SaaS companies with all the essential tools. By implementing Frontegg, businesses can shift their identity management processes left, enabling customers to design and customize their own experiences effortlessly, without the need for additional code or engineering resources. Founded in 2019 by CEO Sagi Rodin and CTO Aviad Mizrachi, Frontegg has secured $70 million in funding from Stripes, Insight Partners, and Pitango. Today, it serves as the trusted identity and user management infrastructure for leading SaaS companies worldwide, spanning from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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