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Blackbird.AI Launches 'RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team' to Combat Rise of Narrative Attacks Across The Information Ecosystem
[October 31, 2023]

Blackbird.AI Launches 'RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team' to Combat Rise of Narrative Attacks Across The Information Ecosystem

A team of narrative intelligence and AI experts provide deep insights into narrative attacks to protect Blackbird.AI customers from financial and reputational harm.

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackbird.AI, the leader in Narrative and Risk Intelligence, today announced the formation of the RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team, a specialized group dedicated to understanding the threats and risks organizations face from narrative attacks across the digital information ecosystem. The RAV3N team's primary focus is discovering and publishing data-driven, evidence-based narratives propagating at speed and scale that adversely impact corporations, governments, and other organizations, spanning financial and reputational harm. Driven by a cross-functional team of leading narrative and threat intelligence analysts, data scientists, behavioral psychologists, linguists, and national security professionals, Blackbird.AI's RAV3N team is an international unit of experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

"The RAV3N team goes deep into identifying narrative attacks and risks to protect our customers and the wider business community as it relates to our mission," said Wasim Khaled, co-founder and CEO of Blackbird.AI. "An estimated $78B a year is lost due to perception manipulation you hear about daily in the news and across social media. Despite this dangerous rise in narrative attacks, organizations lack the tools to protect themselves adequately. The RAV3N team and our Constellation AI-driven Narrative Intellgence Platform enable us to protect our customers from narrative attacks like no other."

Ravens are intelligent with keen eyesight, have their own personality, can mimic sounds, play games, and solve problems. The 3 in RAV3N comes from the three-eyed raven in the popular Game of Thrones television series, where ravens signify the power to see the past, present, and future, just as Blackbird.AI anticipates and identifies narrative attacks. Members of the RAV3N team commit to publishing primary research into corners of the narrative intelligence universe that could start with a single post and scale quickly out of control to cause financial and reputational harm.

Recently, the RAV3N team published the following research to help identify and educate organizations about the narrative attacks and risks they face:

Additional research will be published on the RAV3N Blog going forward.

About Blackbird.AI
BLACKBIRD.AI protects organizations from narrative attacks and risks that cause financial and reputational harm. Powered by our AI-driven Constellation Platform and our RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team, organizations can proactively understand narrative threats as they evolve for better strategic decision-making when they need it most. Blackbird.AI was founded by a diverse team of AI experts, narrative intelligence analysts, and national security professionals to defend information integrity and fight a new class of information-based risk. Learn more at Blackbird.AI.


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