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JR Technologies Launches Next Generation Platform for Airline Retailing, Setting New Standards for Passenger-Centric Service
[September 27, 2023]

JR Technologies Launches Next Generation Platform for Airline Retailing, Setting New Standards for Passenger-Centric Service

The new platform, Aerostream, features an industry-leading multi-product shopping cart functionality that enhances the entire customer journey  

ATHENS, Greece and LISBON, Portugal, Sept. 27, 2023 /CNW/ -- JR Technologies, a pioneer in airline retailing, has launched Aerostream, a new multi-product airline retailing platform, ahead of the World Aviation Festival in Lisbon this week. The new platform is an end-to-end solution enabling airlines to modernize their distribution and retailing strategies and better manage the entire travel experience. It is also one of the first travel retailing platforms to offer a true multi-product shopping cart that allows travelers to purchase and manage their entire trip in one place.

Designed specifically for the airline and travel industries, Aerostream's comprehensive suite of solutions features Offer and Order Management based on New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order principles, which create a more seamless customer experience that follows e-commerce retailing best practices.

The suite also contains multiple modules, including an Ancillaries Manager that orchestrates the merchandising and distribution of airline and third-party travel products, a white-label customer support portal that enables support teams to assist customers with booking and reservation modifications and a management portal used to configure business rules and analyze performance.

The Power of Multi-channel Retailing and One-Cart Shopping

"As many companies in the market are attempting to implement an Order Management system, we are proud to have Aerostream live with clients in a production environment," said JR Technologies CEO Adarsh Suneja. "Aerostream enables carriers to create new revenue streams, reduce costs and deliver the mdern digital retailing experience that customers expect, driving increased sales and greater customer loyalty."

Airlines' legacy technologies and systems can often impede the delivery of an enhanced retail customer experience by limiting agility, innovation, and scalability. These outdated systems often struggle to integrate with modern customer relationship management tools, hindering airlines' ability to personalize services, offer dynamic pricing and efficiently manage inventory. Legacy systems are more vulnerable to security breaches, posing risks to customer data and trust.

Aerostream is a modular and adaptable retailing platform that leverages NDC technology and is ONE Order-ready for third-party integration, enabling airlines to create a convenient, curated travel booking and post-booking experience that models digital retailing best practices with a broader array of ancillaries and more personalization opportunities.

Delivering a Seamless, Passenger-Centric Experience

In addition, the enhanced shopping experience offered by Aerostream makes it easier for loyalty program members to collect and redeem points, enabling airlines to reduce points liability through increased redemption activity.

"Aerostream stands at the forefront of innovation in New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order technology," said JR Technologies Chief Commercial Officer Theodora Tsinonis. "Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the airline industry drives us to create solutions that redefine the passenger experience and streamline airline operations. With Aerostream, we're not just embracing the future, we're shaping it."

JR Technologies is exhibiting the Aerostream solution at the 2023 World Aviation Festival in Lisbon on September 26-28 at booth #1-200.

For more information about Aerostream or to speak with company executives from JR Technologies, please get in touch with Evan Whitney at [email protected].

About JR Technologies and Aerostream   
JR Technologies designs innovative technology solutions based on NDC and ONE Order principles to support travel companies' initiatives to modernize their operating models. A trusted partner of some of the world's largest airlines and an International Air Transport Association (IATA) strategic partner, JR Technologies is accelerating the transformation of the travel industry's current retail and distribution landscape through true order and offer management. The company created the Aerostream Travel Retailing Platform to help airlines transition to a modern digital retailing model while getting the most out of existing legacy systems. JR Technologies is headquartered in Detroit with offices in Chania, Athens, Orlando, and Boston. Visit to learn more.

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