TMCnet News Welcomes Edward Marx and Paolo Zambito to the Advisory Team
[September 25, 2023] Welcomes Edward Marx and Paolo Zambito to the Advisory Team, an AI-powered platform for personalized post-discharge instructions, streamlined communication, and convenient healthcare support, announced today that Edward Marx, former CIO of Cleveland Clinic, NYC Health, and Paolo Zambito, President of the North Shore Market, have joined the Advisory Board.

Edward Marx says, "As a long-time healthcare CIO and author of multiple best-selling books on digital transformation, it became clear that filled a major gap in care. Not only does ensure a better experience for both patients and clinicians, it removes unnecessary costs from an already burdensome transaction. It actually addresses all aspects of the quadruple aim."

Paolo Zambito says, "The discharge process is complex and therefore a comprehensive solution requires multiple factors be addressed from language barriers, clinical understandings that patients can understand to anxieties that newly discharged patients might face. has worked diligently to address the multi-factorial concerns both patients and providers face."

Priyam Parikh, Founder and CEO of, drew from personal experience to create a cutting-edge solution to a universal problem in healthcare, the often protracted and complicated hospital discharge process.

Inspiration struck when Parikh's father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2018 and was consequently discharged from Stanford Hospital with a daunting large docment detailing his post-operative care. Recognizing this challenge was not exclusive to their situation, Parikh decided to use technology to tackle the issue on a global scale.

Acknowledging the universal challenge, Parikh validated the concept across multiple countries including the United States, India, Mexico, and France, proving the widespread need for a more simplified and comprehensive hospital discharge procedure. was subsequently developed as a plug-and-play solution for hospitals, payers, and patients, aiming to improve hospital-to-home outcomes and reduce labor costs through a personalized, AI-assisted home care platform.

The platform's DischargePlus system, a revolutionary AI/ML-based concept, generates an Intelligent Discharge Plan (IDP) intended to streamline the transition from hospital to home. The IDP incorporates functions like intuitive Discharge Radar, Patient Education, effective Patient Follow-ups, and a clear Path to Recovery, all orchestrated by a virtual assistant, nurse Flora, helping to alleviate the stress of post-operative care.

Parikh's vision is to train nurse Flora with a language model nFLM (powered by data), a digital nurse with personalized healthcare, so patients can ask questions about their own health.

Florence Nightingale was one of the most prominent healthcare figures of her time and the founder of modern nursing. Similar to the passionate service she provided to the people during her lifetime, our nurse Flora will provide effective digital healthcare services to the people. This service will be launched in the US and taken across the world. DischargePlus proactively addresses a common predicament - the lack of adequate post-operative follow-up support - which often stems from complicated discharge documents, scarce hospital staff, and a shortage of real-time support systems.

Featuring deep integration with EHR systems, DischargePlus offers:

  • An interactive Patient Interface on web and mobile, providing essential care related to the surgery.
  • A Provider Dashboard delivering critical insights for monitoring and support.
  • A Payer Dashboard offering analytics around the overall healthcare value delivered.

DischargePlus offers an easy setup for providers utilizing EHR as a system of record and can be integrated within existing environments via SDK, making it a versatile solution for any forward-thinking healthcare provider who prioritizes patient care. With a motto of simplifying post-operative care, DischargePlus has filed for patent rights in the US for generating IDPs.

In the US, they have piloted one hospital and are working to onboard more.

To further reinforce the vision for, Parikh welcomes industry leaders Edward Marx and Paolo Zambito to the Advisory Board. Their wealth of expertise bolsters the company's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to the healthcare industry.

For more information about DischargePlus and how it could benefit your hospital or healthcare facility, please contact Customer Relations at [email protected].

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