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MatSing Launches New 3-Beam Panel Lens Antennas Providing 3x Capacity Augmentation
[September 25, 2023]

MatSing Launches New 3-Beam Panel Lens Antennas Providing 3x Capacity Augmentation

MatSing, the pioneer and innovator of high-capacity lens antennas, today announced general availability of its new 3-beam MBA product set designed to address capacity issues, while maximizing spectrum utilization, in a rapid and effective manner for all carriers and mobile network operators (MNOs).

The demand for data and video connectivity typically outpaces global network builds resulting in network providers needing to constantly upgrade their network, often with new infrastructure. An antenna solution providing immediate capacity relief with the ability to scale cost-effectively to address future needs is much needed. MatSing, via its patented lens technology, provides future-proof antennas for enhanced capacity augmentation and greater area of coverage to deliver performance, operational, and financial benefits for our customers.

MatSing's new 3-beam product set, part of its Gen-II portfolio, includes several spherical lens antennas addressing low and mid band deployments ranging from 600MHz to 4.2GHz. Some of the new antennas introduced include:

  • MS-MBA-3-L4A2 with 3 isolated L-band (698 - 960MHz) cross-polarized beams with each beam having 4 ports for 4x4 MIMO

  • MS-MBA-3-H8A2 with 3 isolated H-band (1695 - 2690 MHz) dual-polarized beams with each beam having four independent antennas and 8 ports to support 8x8 MIMO

  • MS-MBA-3-F4A3 with 3 isolated F-band (3300 - 4200MHz) cross-polarized beams with each beam having 4 ports for 4x4 MIMO

  • MS-MBA-3.3-F4A3-H4A2 with 3 isolated F-band (3300 - 4200 MHz) cross-polarized beams and 3 isolated H-band (1695 - 2690 MHz) cross-polarized beams with each beam having 4 ports for 4x4 MIMO

"Our 3-beam lens antenna set is further proof of the continuous innovation we make with our unique and patented lens technology," said MatSing CEO, Bo Larsson. "With our new products, we are able to address multiple bands, deliver the best signal quality in the industry with high gain and narrow beamwidth while significantly improving the data capacity & throughput with the combination of high SINR and reduced side & back lobes. Ultimately, we are focused on quick network deployment and provisioning to deliver the high-capacity network with minimal infrastructure. We are pleased to share that our new 3-beam antennas are being deployed globally today and our team is preparing to introduce other innovative and cost-effective product sets soon."

The MatSing team will be at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas from September 26-28 in meeting room 668MR and will be available to discuss the new 3-beam lens antenna product set and other solutions in detail.

About MatSing

Founded in 2005, MatSing has developed and patented new meta-materials to create the world's first lightweight and multibeam Lens Antennas. This new approach for high-performance, high-capacity antenna design is more efficient and offers key advantages over traditional antennas, the ability to provide broadband coverage, emit and maintain multiple beams, and to do so cleanly with minimal RF interference. Nationwide coverage isn't the only critical challenge facing telecoms companies, and MatSing's Lens antenna solution is ideal to meet the capacity demands at outdoor events, stadiums and macro uses in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Each antenna can provide multiple independent sectors, up to 48, providing the highest capacity across multiple bands with the fewest antennas possible. MatSing lens technology is the perfect fit for 4G LTE and 5G mobile broadband coverage, and it is the most cost-effective network densification tool in the industry.

To learn more about MatSing RF lens antennas, please visit us at MatSing - RF Lens Technologies or send an email to our expert staff at [email protected].

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