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Aviceda To Present at Major European Healthcare Conferences Highlighting AVD-104, a Novel Glyco-Mimetic Nanoparticle for the Treatment of Geographic Atrophy from Macular Degeneration
[September 25, 2023]

Aviceda To Present at Major European Healthcare Conferences Highlighting AVD-104, a Novel Glyco-Mimetic Nanoparticle for the Treatment of Geographic Atrophy from Macular Degeneration

Aviceda Therapeutics, a privately held, late-stage clinical biotech company focused on developing next generation immuno-modulators by harnessing the power of glycobiology to alleviate chronic non-resolving inflammation, announced today multiple upcoming presentations about its lead ophthalmic clinical asset, AVD-104. The groundbreaking glycan-coated nanoparticle designed to combat geographic atrophy (GA) resulting from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) will take the spotlight at various European conferences, featuring comprehensive corporate and clinical updates from company executives and principal investigators between Wednesday, October 4 and Saturday, October 7, 2023.

Key Presentations:

  • Wednesday, 4th October
    • Ophthalmology Futures Retina Forum, Hyatt Regency Amsterdam
      17:55, Tarek Hassan, MD, GLYCOIMMUNOLOGY:?The Next Generation Treatment Paradigm for Geographic Atrophy
      19:00-19:30, Mohamed Genead, MD, Panel 8 - Novel Therapeutics for Geographic Atrophy: How do we measure success for physicians, patients, and payers?
    • EURETINA Innovation Spotlight (EIS), RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre
      16:16 - 16:37, Mohamed Genead, MD, Panel - Innovation in Treatment Modalities (II)
  • Saturday, 7th October
    • EURETINA Congress, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Speaker's Corner
      09:16 - 09:21 Barry Kuppermann, MD, Modulation of Macrophages and Cmplement Dysfunction in Nonexudative AMD Utilizing Novel Sialic-acid Coated Nanoparticles

Recently, the first-in-human safety data of the novel glycomimetic, AVD-104, was presented at the American Society of Retina Specialists Annual Meeting. The study evaluated patients with GA secondary to AMD from Cohorts 1 and 2 in the Phase 2/3 (Part 1) SIGLEC trial. Safety results were reported in all eyes out to two months in both dose-escalated cohorts. No evidence of any significant drug toxicity was observed, locally or systemically. Notably no drug related inflammation, retinal vasculitis, choroidal neovascularization, infection, or optic nerve abnormalities were seen in any eyes.

Though the SIGLEC trial recently began in June of this year, Aviceda has already completed the dose-escalation enrollment for all cohorts in Part 1. Part 2 of the Phase 2/3 SIGLEC clinical trial looks to begin enrollment in November 2023.

To learn more about the SIGLEC trial, click here.

About Aviceda Therapeutics and AVD-104
Aviceda is a private, late-stage clinical biotechnology company located in Cambridge, MA, with a proprietary HALOS™ nanotechnology platform and an Investigational New Drug-cleared ophthalmic lead product, AVD-104, for the treatment of geographic atrophy secondary to age-related macular degeneration. AVD-104 is a promising intravitreal glycan-coated nanoparticle with a dual mechanism of action that modulates critical inflammatory cellular and complement pathways through 1) direct inhibition of the activity of damaging phagocytic macrophages and repolarization of activated macrophages to their resolution state and 2) inhibition of complement cascade amplification. AVD-104 has demonstrated robust in vitro/vivo efficacy with inhibition of both proinflammatory cellular and complement signaling pathways, and it has the potential for every 3- to 6-month dosing in humans. Outstanding safety has been demonstrated in multiple animal models, including non-human primates, in which no signs of intraocular inflammation were seen. AVD-104 has also shown significant anti-neovascular activity equivalent to that of aflibercept (Eylea) in a well-established ocular choroidal neovascularization animal model. The U.S. SIGLEC Phase 2/3 clinical trial is currently actively enrolling for geographic atrophy.

Along with AVD-104, Aviceda has a broad pipeline of products in development in ophthalmology and multiple other therapeutic areas, including neurology, oncology, fibrosis and immunology.

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