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Redefine Security with the All-New Huawei HiSec Intelligent Security Portfolio and the Powerful HiSec SASE Security Solution
[September 24, 2023]

Redefine Security with the All-New Huawei HiSec Intelligent Security Portfolio and the Powerful HiSec SASE Security Solution

SHANGHAI, Sept. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- During HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei Security gathered global industry elites, technical leaders, and senior industry decision-makers to collaboratively explore a groundbreaking blueprint for the development of network security. At the security session, Mike Ma, President of Security Product Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line, introduced the newly upgraded HiSec 3.0 cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated security architecture and elaborated on Huawei's new understanding and practices in network security. Meanwhile, Huawei released the HiSec SASE security solution built on the cloud-network-edge-endpoint architecture, which redefines enterprise security boundaries.

All-New Huawei HiSec 3.0 Cloud-Network-Edge-Endpoint Integrated Security Solution Safeguards Enterprise Security

Mike Ma stated that digital development has become a national priority, with network security serving as the foundation of the digital world. To safeguard enterprise security, Huawei has upgraded itsHiSec 3.0 cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated security solution. On the cloud side, 10+ SaaS services on the Huawei Qiankun cloud platform can be subscribed to on-demand and provisioned in real-time, ensuring effective protection. On the network side, network and security capabilities are integrated, and management and control are streamlined to create a simplified network. On the edge side, containerized security resource pools and flexible orchestration of security service chains enable service deployment in minutes. On the endpoint side, Huawei Qiankun EDR is lightweight, easy to deploy, and boasts an industry-leading threat detection rate. By leveraging all these features, HiSec 3.0 offers comprehensive and robust protection for enterprises.

HiSec SASE Security Solution Redefines Enterprise Security Boundaries

With the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, services are being migrated to the cloud, resulting in connectivity of everything and the development of cloud-network convergence. However, this progress is accompanied by an increase in security threats faced by enterprises.

Against this backdrop, the HiSec SASE security solution is released, which redefines enterprise security boundaries. It boasts four key intelligent features: First, intelligent operations, which implement unified management, orchestration, and response, resulting in a 50% reduction in OPEX. Second, intelligent orchestration, which allows for container-based on-demand loading of security features and resource utilization of over 70%. Third, intelligent lossless, which utilizes Adaptive Forward Error Correction (A-FEC) to ensure smooth video playback even with 30% packet loss. Last, intelligent response, which includes continuous dynamic detection, real-time backup and recovery of encrypted files, and zero packet loss.

At the financial network security roundtable, Huawei invited Famous financial enterprises around the world and discussed SASE branch security. Huawei's HiSec SASE security solution is ideal for remote office, multi-branch networking, and endpoint protection scenarios. It offers efficient and secure access to SaaS, public cloud, the Internet, and enterprise headquarters for customers in sectors such as public service, finance, and manufacturing.

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