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17sing "Mic Song Cup" teamed up with "WACKYBOYS-Soon Sun" and "Master Nana" to build a diversified ecosystem of beneficial among the Internet
[September 24, 2023]

17sing "Mic Song Cup" teamed up with "WACKYBOYS-Soon Sun" and "Master Nana" to build a diversified ecosystem of beneficial among the Internet

TAIPEI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Mic Song Cup" organized by 17sing is on fire. The event has successfully progressed to the climax of the Breakout Competition. In this part, everybody can vote for their favorite music works to help them join the alliance. At the same time, the song list voting is on. Influencers will sing the songs by the votes for the same song competition. On the October 6th, The event will culminate in a night of live streaming. "WACKYBOYS-Soon Sun" and "Master Nana" will each lead the promoted players to compete with music to draw a successful conclusion of this grand event.

This "Mic Song Cup" event is very eye-catching, attracting many Internet celebrities to take part in it. They are respectively:
"Soon Sun": One of the members of Taiwan's extremely popular team "WACKYBOYS". He is famous for his nonsensical and playful style.
"Master Nana": A heartthrob in the music industry, he has been called as the "Female Star Relaxer" and "Christine in Youtube".
"Miss Ga": Singing voice coach, professional music teaching, dedicated to using simple methods to help everyone sing better!
"Dida": A Hong Kong girl in Taiwan, creator of life, travel, and comedy videos.
"White-faced Men": A full-time comic skit performer, bringing the audience a pure and humorous experience.
"It's just Dudu Xiaohe": a group of crazy uncle-type women spend their daily lives dedicated to building a universe of laughing friends who eat, drink and have fun.
"Let's go to school ": an online school that is concerned about campus life, never boring, and students will definitely not skip classes.

In addition, Dcard, which is very popular among teenagers, also specially promoted the "Mic Song Cup" eent on the platform. After hearing about it, users on Dcard joined in one after another with high enthusiasm and contributed to the carnival together.

The Internet celebrities gathered in this event have more than one million fans. These Internet celebrities who are active on the Internet and have made great achievements in their fields of expertise. They have very different styles. Although they don't know each other, they all have a beautiful vision for music. Under the leadership of 17sing, they gathered together at the "Mic Song Cup" to compete with each other through singing, bringing everyone a wonderful and fun event.

For all Internet celebrities participating in this event,the positive significance is not limited to cooperation. 17sing is a karaoke social software that has been established for 8 years. In 2023, the number of registered users exceeded 30 million. 17sing adheres to the concept of "creating dreams for the new generation and building a music social platform", constantly innovating its function, accumulating many loyal users who like music and singing. Through the "Mic Song Cup" event, fans of celebrities can get to know each other on 17sing, sing freely, so as to shorten the distance between each other. Extensive publicity of the event can also increase the influencer's reputation, which will undoubtedly push the attention of the influencer to a new level.

Based on the cooperation concept of "building a diverse ecosystem of beneficial among Internet ", 17sing organizes large-scale, interesting and explosive events, and uses music as a medium to invite all famous celebrities to join in. First of all,17sing spends lots of money to create popular activities, integrating music and creativity into hot topics, which can attract the attention and spread of the entire Internet, effectively increasing the reputation of the brand and the celebrity partners; secondly, users in 17sing and celebrity fans take parts in such huge events, can not only increase new blood into celebrity fan groups, but also allow fans who are interested in music to find their own music world in 17sing. In the future, 17sing will continue to uphold this concept of cooperation, continue to create more topical activities, and sincerely invite more Internet celebrities to work together to create a diverse ecosystem of beneficial.

17sing is a mobile karaoke social app specially designed for music fans and is widely loved by young people. In the world of 17sing, you can not only sing as you like and show off your unique singing voice, but also can join the music community and get to know thousands of music fans here. "AI scoring" helps users improve their singing skills, and "MV recording", "smart sound effects", "sing room chorus" and other functions make the karaoke process more interesting. At the same time, the "social community" allows users to exchange mind, share fun, collaborate on creation together on the platform. If you want to sing karaoke on your mobile phone, go to 17sing!

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