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SpendEdge Empowers North American Chemical Manufacturer to Revolutionize MRO Procurement with AI-Backed Spend Optimization
[September 22, 2023]

SpendEdge Empowers North American Chemical Manufacturer to Revolutionize MRO Procurement with AI-Backed Spend Optimization

NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In the ever-evolving landscape of the chemical industry, innovation is the driving force behind success. For a distinguished North American manufacturer of synthetic-nonionic surfactants and a range of chemical products, innovation has been a hallmark of their journey, consistently placing cost efficiency and sustainability at the forefront.

Navigating the Complex World of Indirect Spend

While the client's procurement organization has been a pioneer in adopting money-saving ideas, indirect spend has proven to be a complex challenge. Indirect spend often operates behind the scenes, eluding the view of procurement organizations and introducing potential data errors, time wastage, and financial inefficiencies. The distributed nature of suppliers in the extended MRO supply base only adds to the complexity. Suppliers' practices of assigning multiple numbers to the same item and labeling errors in raw purchase data further compounded the challenge.

A Leap into the Future with Predictive Models and AI

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, the client explored the application of predictive models and AI to overcome the intricate web of MRO sourcing challenges. In late 2022, the client enlisted the expertise of SpendEdge's procurement intelligence specialists to navigate this scenario.

AI-Backed Spend Optimization: A Game-Changer

SpendEdge's specialists, working remotely from their lower-cost location, embarked on a mission to revolutionize MRO procurement. A market-leading AI-backed spend optimization solution was implemented, reshaping procurement outcomes. Our analysts conducted a deep assessment of current and historic procurement data, alongside external market insights, to unveil critical patterns across all spend categories, including MRO.

Predictive Modules for Future-Ready Procurement

Through this engagement, the client achieved unprecedented clarity in supplier consolidation, reduction of maverick spend, and the optimal number of suppliers. The team also developed predictive modules, illuminating the path of future spend. The integrity of the item master, housing crucial data about inventory items, was restored, eradicating discrepancies between manufacturer and supplier part numbers.

Empowering Cost Savings and Supplier Relationships

With SpendEdge's expertise, the client successfully harnessed AI-backed spend optimization, bringing a substantial portion of MRO spend under prediction and management. This transformation has not only driven cost savings but has also forged deeper bonds with the supply base.

Elevating Procurement Excellence

The partnership between SpendEdge and the North American chemical manufacturer showcases the power of innovation and data-driven decision-making in navigating the intricate world of MRO procurement. The client is now poised for greater efficiency, streamlined processes, and enhanced sustainability in their procurement function.

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