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Flickr Foundation and Wikimedia Foundation Partner to Develop New Solution for Seamless Creative Commons Image Sharing from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons
[September 21, 2023]

Flickr Foundation and Wikimedia Foundation Partner to Develop New Solution for Seamless Creative Commons Image Sharing from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Flickr is thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Flickr Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation to develop a new software tool for streamlined sharing of CC-licensed images from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons. This collaboration strengthens the visual resources on Wikipedia by harnessing Flickr's vast Creative Commons collection, enriching content for Wikipedia users and editors.

Flickr is a primary source of imagery for Wikimedia Commons and is home to tens of billions of photos worldwide, boasting a notable distinction as the internet's largest photography community and the most extensive repository of Creative Commons-licensed material.

Bridging the Gap
This new bridge between Flickr and Wikimedia Commons, named "Flickypedia," aims to create a streamlined experience, ensuring every image shared retains its rightful attribution and licensing credentials, amplifying the spirit of responsible creativity. This, in turn, will expand and enhance the visual appeal and accuracy of Wikipedia articles, catering to each user's diverse interests and inquiries worldwide.

Flickypedia is a flagship project of the Flickr Foundation, aligning with its commitment to promoting open, responsible access to creative works, and mirroring the Wikimedia Foundation's mission of providing free and accessible knowledge to all.

In bridging Flickr and Wikimedia Commons, this collaboration extends the great work already done via the Flickr2Commons tool, developed by Wikimedia community member Magnus Manske. Notably, the Flickr2Commons tool plays a pivotal role in this journey, with nearly 2,000 users uploading an impressive 5.4 million files over the past decade. The partnership seeks to further enrich the experience, expanding the Wikipedia universe with even more Flickr images.

Creating Flickr Commons
George Oates, Executive Director of the Flickr Foundation, initiated "The Commons" as a solution for cultural institutions to share historical photogrph collections with the Flickr community. Launched with the Library of Congress in 2008, Flickr embarked on the Flickr Commons program, archiving historical images with two core objectives. Oates explained, "The first was to increase exposure to amazing content in public collections worldwide; the second was to collect knowledge about these collections, enriching catalogs for easier searching."

Today, the Flickr Commons program includes over 100 member institutions featuring images shared under "no known copyright restrictions." Notable members include The U.S. National Archives, NASA on Commons, and the National Library of Scotland.

Building a Foundation
In 2022, the Flickr Foundation was established as a non-profit organization to safeguard Flickr and its extensive collection of photos, securing visibility for 100 years and preserving shared visual commons for future generations. The foundation, guided by a board of directors that includes executives from Creative Commons and the Wikimedia Foundation, is committed to creating and maintaining an accessible social and technical framework for preserving this invaluable collection.

Ryan Merkley, board member and the former CEO of Creative Commons, stated, "Sharing is in our nature, and it has compounding benefits for everyone involved. The more people who see these photos from the world's most important institutions, the better we understand our history. The better we understand our history and the more we work together to preserve it, the brighter our future becomes."

Looking Ahead
As the partnership continues to grow, Flickr and the Flickr Foundation, along with Wikimedia Commons, look forward to creating a more connected and vibrant ecosystem of openly accessible visual content. By uniting the strengths of these platforms, the collaboration is poised to set new standards for collaborative content creation and sharing in the digital age.

For more information about the Flickr Foundation, please visit To explore the extensive range of images available on Wikimedia Commons, visit Not a Flickr member yet? Join our community today and find your inspiration!

About Flickr
Flickr, founded in 2004, is the world's largest photography community, committed to elevating the memories, artistry, and impact of all your photos. Fueled by passionate photographers for nearly 20 years, Flickr provides users with the safest and most inclusive platform for sharing and connecting through photos and videos. Since its acquisition by SmugMug in 2018, these united brands have created the most influential photography-focused community globally. Both brands are dedicated to continually thrilling their customers and delivering awesome as part of their evergreen mission as a company.

About the Flickr Foundation
The 501(c)(3) Flickr Foundation exists to keep Flickr pictures visible for 100 years, preserving shared visual commons for future generations. Through programs such as Flickr Commons, the foundation supports photography archives to share their collections and build community with the broader Flickr community. Through making software tools, partnerships, and the fellowship program, the foundation positions itself as a 21st-century institution that bridges the gap between 'user-generated archives' held in corporations and traditional cultural institutions.

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