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Nitek: End of the Road for Copycats
[September 21, 2023]

Nitek: End of the Road for Copycats

Nitek, Inc. ("Nitek"), a pioneering American company in UV LEDs, has announced that it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Photon Wave Co., Ltd. ("Photon Wave"), a Korean UV LED manufacturer in the Eastern District of Texas.

In the complaint, Nitek asserts that LED products of ams OSRAM, a German LED company, use Photon Wave's infringing LEDs.

Nitek also contends that Photon Wave has failed to cease selling infringing products, even after getting continuous warning notices of the patent infringement, and therefore Nitek is not only seeking a permanent injunction against the sales of infringing products but also pursuing 3 times damages for willful patent infringement.

Nitek has previously successfully won its patent lawsuit against another international LED maker, and continues its enforcement against other infringers. Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. ("SETi"), an affiliate of Nitek, has also obtained a permanent injunction for patent infringement against Bolb, Inc., a UV LED company co-founded by former SETi employees. Critically, the effects of this permanent injunction order also apply to officers and employees of Bolb, Inc.

About Nitek

Nitek is a pioneer in the field of LED Semiconductor EMS industry. The company's Main target Business is LED & LED EMS Business in the NA Market, which is using LED from 200nm ~ 1800nm. Nitek was founded in 2007 with the goal of commercializing LED technologies. Nitek has extensive experience in LED materials, devices, and application systems development to support. LED Module & Engine Assembly Products include Design support.

About SETi

Sensor Electronic Technology, inc. (SETi), a division of Seoul Viosys, is a leading supplier of deep UV LEDs (emission wavelengths shorter than 340nm), as well as a broad portfolio of UV-B and UV-C LED products and application solutions. Established in 1999, the company holds more than 2,000 patents through long-term R&D and extensive technology expertise. The company is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of customers and stakeholders through the highest level of quality management. SETi has also collaborated with parent company Seoul Viosys since 2005, resulting in the development of Violeds technology for UV LED-based disinfection, deodorization, phototherapy and curing. SETi was completely acquired by Seoul Viosys in 2015. To learn more, visit

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