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Aware and Luminous Accelerate Adoption of Generative AI Across Secure Enterprises
[September 21, 2023]

Aware and Luminous Accelerate Adoption of Generative AI Across Secure Enterprises

Aware, the AI Data Platform for contextual intelligence, announced today a strategic partnership with Luminous, which designs and manufactures hardware for demanding generative AI inference applications. Luminous is backed by Gigafund, while Aware's primary backer is Goldman Sachs. This collaboration harnesses the unparalleled power of Luminous' hardware to supercharge Aware's data platform, driving forward the next era of large-scale generative AI adoption.

Regulated businesses, multinational enterprises, and governmental bodies are increasingly seeking to scale generative AI within their infrastructures, while meeting the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance. However, key challenges impede AI acceleration and adoption across Enterprise customers.

Fine-tuned LLMs are known to repeat or leak training data, which might be proprietary or confidential, across customers. This limits true conversational interaction. However, larger memory capacity, such as the Gen1 Luminous Inference AI card with 1+Terabyte of memory, can easily solve this by offering longer context windows since longer context windows allow a user to query and interact with proprietary data without the need for fine-tuning. Luminous Computing's proprietary AI accelerator architecture solves these problems with 12x to 25x of memory on each card vs. competing products, accessible at HBM-level bandwidths. Furthermore, such large memory capacity allows users to scale up one-card-at-a-time without the need to tackle complicated distributed systems problems.

Pre-Built LLM's often come riddled with hallucinations, inaccuracies, and require high operating costs so enterprises are transitioning to targeted machine learning models purpose-built to solve specific business challenges. Aware AI Data Platform has been purpose-built to train, deploy and refresh targeted, cost-effective machine learning models rapidly and responsibly. This addresses a critical need from businesses and government bodies seeking to build AI capabilities, especially in private cloud settings.

Combining Aware's targeted, purpose-built machine learning models built for digital workpace conversations with Luminous' AI accelerator architecture solves these challenges.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

Scaling AI Securely: Prioritizing security, Aware's Generative AI may be deployed in highly secure, local enterprise environments, which is essential for sectors such as financial institutions, defense contractors, and government agencies that mandate airtight data protection. This partnership ensures not only the safeguarding of sensitive information but also the harnessing of generative AI's full capabilities, catering especially to those entities eager to leverage generative AI within secure parameters.

Scaling AI Cost-Effectively: Compared to the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the cloud, the Aware platform powered by Luminous' hardware for demanding generative AI inference applications provide significant cost efficiencies. Businesses can now run expansive AI operations without the financial strain of cloud-based LLMs.

"By integrating Luminous's state-of-the-art Generative AI Inference chip into our platform, we're set to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in generative AI," said Jeff Schumann, CEO of Aware. "This partnership underscores our commitment to offer solutions that are not only powerful but also secure, reliable, and cost-efficient."

Marcus Gomez, the CEO of Luminous added, "Our collaboration with Aware will undoubtedly reshape the AI industry and revolutionize how businesses operate. Their expertise, coupled with our advanced chips, sets the stage for a new age of large-scale generative AI, transforming businesses across the board."

About Aware

Conversations are at the heart of every enterprise. Aware's AI Data Platform transforms digital workplace conversations into the contextual intelligence leaders to make faster, more confident decisions. Aware's natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) models are purpose-built to understand the unique human context of workplace conversations taking place on Slack, Teams, WebEx by Cisco, Zoom, and WorkJam. The world's most iconic brands use Aware's contextual intelligence to solve a broad set of use cases, from Experience Management and Cybersecurity to eDiscovery. Consistently recognized by Gartner analysts as a market-leading vendor, Aware was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

About Luminous

Luminous Computing, founded in 2018, designs and manufactures hardware for demanding Generative AI Inference applications. The Company's proprietary compute and memory architecture enables high bandwidth access to multi-Terabyte banks of DDR memory. Luminous Gen 1 AI inference cards offer native PyTorch integration as well as compute and memory bandwidth in-line with or better than competing hardware. Critically, by leveraging its custom architecture, Luminous is able to accomplish this without using High Bandwidth Memory. Near future products from Luminous include its Gen 1.X card with 2 TB of memory and Gen 2 card with networking for large-scale applications. Luminous is backed by Gigafund, Gates Frontier, Neo, Alumni Ventures, and Era, among others.

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