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Circonus Launches Open Beta for Passport - Industry's First Dynamic Telemetry Management Solution
[September 21, 2023]

Circonus Launches Open Beta for Passport - Industry's First Dynamic Telemetry Management Solution

Passport enables organizations to dramatically reduce observability costs and maximize the ROI of their existing observability investments.

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Circonus, creators of the Circonus Telemetry Cloud™, the full-stack monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise, today announced the open beta for its dynamic telemetry management solution, Circonus Passport™. Passport is an industry-first solution that allows organizations to dynamically and automatically adapt their telemetry collection strategies based on signals and alerts from their IT environments – enabling them to dramatically cut observability costs and improve mean time to resolution.

Observability solutions rely on telemetry agents to collect and send data. However, managing the configuration deployments for telemetry agents can be an inflexible and error prone process, so teams are reluctant to change them once deployed. Telemetry pipelines become effectively static, which leads to out-of-date collection strategies and vendor lock-in. It also forces companies to make suboptimal trade-offs – they either collect more telemetry data than is needed, which is punitively expensive, or compromise on what data they send, which leads to visibility gaps. Passport delivers precision visibility by sending only the data that is needed and only when it is needed.

"It's no secret that observability customers re unhappy with rising costs, surprise bills, and getting jammed on renewals – they feel abused, and they feel stuck," said Bob Moul, CEO of Circonus. "The irony is that even with rising costs and all the sophisticated tools in the market, outages continue to rise. It's time for a better way. Passport sets your telemetry data free, puts you back in control, and eliminates the fear of vendor lock-in. The result – organizations can resolve incidents faster and 10x the value of their existing observability platforms without changing a thing."

Passport's patent-pending technology converts static agents into dynamic agents through the use of lightweight agent managers that communicate with the Passport control plane. Agent managers continually poll for updated configurations and will download and trigger a reload of the supported agent when one is present.

Passport uses an innovative rules engine to receive "signals" (such as high CPU utilization) from an observability platform and then takes action based on the rules that have been established. That could mean changing the frequency and granularity of data being collected, or it could also mean initiating an action in other platforms such as a ticketing system, workflow engine, iPaaS, or even another observability platform. Rules and agent configurations are built using a low-code / no-code SaaS interface with point and click ease, lifting the burden on developers to be constantly making configuration changes.

Passport agent managers are intentionally kept simple, requiring just one installation and infrequent updates. The solution is agent-agnostic and works with both open source and commercial telemetry agents, such as OTel Collector, Fluent Bit, Telegraf, and Datadog Agent.

Passport unlocks powerful capabilities and benefits for enterprises, including the ability to:

Define conditional collection strategies to improve visibility, reliability, and incident response: Based on defined conditions, collect broader or more granular data. Have a server experiencing high CPU load? Easily start collecting data at 10-second granularity versus 60-second granularity.

Automate time-bound configuration changes: Apply a different collection strategy based on timing, such as during business hours, a launch event, or a holiday like Black Friday.

Efficiently manage telemetry agents at scale: Reduce operational overhead and errors. Build agent configuration files using a low-code/no-code designer, and more easily ensure all agents have the latest updates with auto-provisioning.

Avoid vendor lock-in by easing migrations: Significantly ease the process of adapting current agents, deploying new ones, and of managing multiple agent types during the months of migration from one observability solution to another.

Optimize data collection leveraging integrations with existing tools: Use data from observability and third-party alerting tools to inform and automatically adjust data collection strategies.

Organizations interested in learning more about Passport or joining the open beta program can visit

About Circonus
Circonus Telemetry Cloud™ is the full-stack monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise. Circonus delivers crystal-clear, real-time observability of the behavior, health, trends, and performance of the entire enterprise footprint from edge to edge in one powerful, unified platform with flexible deployment options for cloud, private cloud, and on-premises implementations. Led by experts in large-scale distributed systems and data science, Circonus is pioneering the way telemetry data at scale is leveraged throughout the enterprise to drive smarter operations, deploy faster, make better decisions, and deliver mission-critical services with confidence. To learn more or create a free account, visit

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