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SpaceX Engineer Launches Only, the Insta-Booking of Dating and Social Apps
[September 20, 2023]

SpaceX Engineer Launches Only, the Insta-Booking of Dating and Social Apps

A mission manager turned matchmaker removes traditional messaging from her new app, prompting users to instantly request dates

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Founder of the app Only, and current mission manager at SpaceX, Courtney Cline had heard the same stories of ghosting, lack of initiative, or time wasted on dating apps countless times. Inspired to develop a more pragmatic type of dating and social app, Cline removed traditional direct messaging and integrated a calendar widget that prompts users to instantly request dates upon matching.

"Entering the corporate world post grad, I noticed first hand how difficult it was to make and maintain relationships," says Courtney Cline. "I saw myself and friends get busier, the idea of making real connections with like-minded people was a multi step process and I just wanted something more efficient."

Joined by co-founders Kendall Packo and Chris Millsap, the Only team saw an opportunity to move away from speed swiping to something more intentional. Offering options for romance or friendship, Only streamlines how users commit to and plan future dates. Compared to a swipe interface, Only's algorithm brings deliberate matches to you. Once matched, users can request specific restaurants or events to be booked on their calendar, spending less time in an inbox. Key features of the current Only app include:

  • Instant Date Requests: Users can brose profiles and send instant date requests eliminating the need for prolonged messaging.
  • Shared Interests: Only's advanced algorithm matches users based on their shared interests and location, ensuring more meaningful and compatible connections.
  • Calendar Integration: Users are able to see each other's calendar availability, expediting the time it takes to pick a common day and time.
  • Friendship or Romance: Only allows users to toggle between 'Friendship' and 'Romance' options.

Only is in a pre-seed round of funding to get an updated Version 1.0 of the app release by Q4 2024. This funding will most notably get the company revenue positive with a mere 50,000 users based on projections by leveraging restaurant promotions, ticket transactions, and a date marketplace for users and investors. Further funding will support development of Version 2.0 which will expand into a subscription model featuring AI.

The 'Only' app is an introductory product of Single Riders Only Inc. It is currently available to download in the United States and Canada through the App Store and Google Play. Created to be the insta-booking app of the dating world, Only utilizes calendar integration for hassle free planning. Be it romantic or platonic, Only strives to create a community of people looking to expand their horizons beyond the screen and get to living their most fulfilling lives, one experience at a time. Download, follow, and learn more:

Download Only: Dating & Friends on the App Store and Google Play, follow us on Instagram @theonlydatingapp and TikTok @theonlyapp, and visit us online at

For more information, questions, or other press material, please contact…
Courtney Cline, Founder & CEO
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Kendall Packo, Co-Founder & CMO
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