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Micas Networks Frees Networks from Conventional Constraints
[September 20, 2023]

Micas Networks Frees Networks from Conventional Constraints

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More freedom in network operations. Flexibility of choice. No vendor lock in. Greater control. Improved TCO. The benefits of an open network – one that decouples purpose-built hardware and software and frees data from the throttling effects of legacy vendors that tailor offerings to solve specific use cases – cannot be denied.

The traditional method of networking, characterized by its singular and closed-off nature, has led to inefficiencies and hinders innovation – slowing the adoption of new technologies. Change is needed, and open networking that disaggregates solutions provides an economical, flexible, scalable way forward. It’s true that open networking has been around for over a decade, but general market adoption is now on the rise. The challenge has been to overcome the obstacles to adoption – including insufficient support and integration difficulties – in order to enable the faster development of innovative technologies.

One company, Micas Networks (Micas), is out to change the narrative and is playing a key role in the charge to democratize the network and open new capabilities with tailored solutions for adopters.

An inventive open networking company headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Micas first entered the networking arena as Ragile Networks, where they brought their innovations to market, built out a product line, and forged partnerships and customer relationships over the last few years. Singapore-based independent firm Cedar Investments secured Ragile’s assets, intellectual property and employees to create a separate company. Incorporated in Delaware, the new Micas has a strong and extremely competitive product line, an effective and efficient supply chain, and a future roadmap of open networking products. Micas has established architecture and business development talent in the U.S., R&D capabilities in Asia and a manufacturing base in Malaysia – signaling the company’s diverse, adaptive and cost-effective value chain commitment to expanding the scope and the breadth and of its open network solutions from its U.S. operations.

“Deep expertise, solid products and solutions that are available today, customer deployments, and a vision backed by a carefully engineered roadmap have optimally positioned us to accelerate the open networking movement,” said Patrick Tian, CEO at Micas Networks. “Through the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation, open computing has become a change agent for networks, servers and storage. We believe the next milestone for open computing is to scale out and meet the workload and bandwidth demands of data center networks.”

Enabling the Future of Data Center Networking

Micas is out to prove that the successful open computing model that was applied to current data centers and server farms can also be applied to the complex growth, fast tme-to-market and rising cost challenges facing future data centers. From the increasing need for high-speed connectivity and the growing adoption of cloud-based services to data center expansion and the escalated demands of AI/ML workloads, data center networking is getting more complex by the day.

Add to this a trifecta of mitigating factors that stifle network growth – long lead times caused by supply chain issues and interruptions, rising costs determined by inflexible proprietary vendors, and IT budgets coming under intense scrutiny. The need for dependable, cost-effective and scalable networking solutions is painfully obvious.

The Time Is Now

Maturing open networking operating systems (NOS) and an established and stabilized open networking ecosystem have created an inflection point that is transforming the way data center networks are built, managed and supported.

In its role as an open hardware and open-source software enabler, Micas is laser-focused on developing and delivering open networking switching products specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of data center environments. Micas also addresses the fear factors and risks associated with the move away from proprietary vendors by helping to navigate open networking’s often complex ecosystem and providing pre and post sales and 24/7 customer support to ensure business continuity by having the networks always up and running.

“Open compute is fundamentally changing the data center – across the whole stack,” commented Max Simmons, CMO at Micas Networks. “We are dedicated to our mission of significantly innovating to enhance the networking landscape, offering greater control, flexibility, and remarkable cost-efficiency. We are putting our customer-centric mindset and relentless drive for innovation to work in order to meet the promise of open networking and drive data acceleration.”

Micas boasts two primary areas of concentration: a broad portfolio of open networking data center switching products based on Broadcom ASICs and Intel CPUs, integrated with the open-sourced Software for Open Networking in Cloud (SONiC) operating system. This comprehensive platform provides customers with cutting-edge hardware design, rich SONiC features and applications, customization, and unrivaled post-sales support. The company also actively collaborates with prominent data centers and cloud service providers to jointly develop state-of-the-art networking products that align seamlessly and are customized with their specific use case requirements and growing needs.

Open Compute Project (OCP) Global 2023 Summit

Micas is currently readying product demos and technology sessions for next month’s OCP Global Summit in San Jose. As a Diamond sponsor, Micas will leverage OCP as a platform to formally launch the company and engage with the industry’s collective efforts to support the growing demands placed on compute infrastructure. The company’s track record serves as a launch pad for Micas to rapidly gain momentum as it sets a new bar for global data delivery – and accelerates the industry’s innovation and adoption progress.

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About Micas Networks
Micas Networks is a leading open networking company focused on accelerating data delivery. Catering to the needs of enterprise and cloud data centers as well as hyperscalers, the company’s full portfolio of open networking products including whitebox – bare metal switches, supports various operating systems, including SONiC. Micas also offers comprehensive data center networking switch development services and custom options, leveraging R&D, engineering, and supply chain management expertise along with high-quality and capacity manufacturing capabilities.

With a customer-centric approach and strategic partnerships, Micas is taking a leading role in shaping the open networking ecosystem. The company is based in San Jose, Calif. and has offices and manufacturing facilities in Asia.

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