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AlmaLinux OS Foundation Empowers Community with FIPS 140-3 Certification for AlmaLinux 9.2
[September 19, 2023]

AlmaLinux OS Foundation Empowers Community with FIPS 140-3 Certification for AlmaLinux 9.2

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation, the nonprofit that stewards the community owned and governed open source enterprise Linux distribution AlmaLinux OS, today announced that its community will be able to take advantage of FIPS 140-3 certification for AlmaLinux 9.2, thanks to one of its Platinum sponsors, CloudLinux.

"FIPS compliance is a critical certification for users of AlmaLinux OS across industries. The validation of security and consistency that comes along with FIPS certification for AlmaLinux provides proof for the entire AlmaLinux community that free doesn't preclude enterprise-ready," said Benny Vasquez, chair of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation. "FIPS certification means that AlmaLinux stands as a uniquely robust Linux option with a powerful mix of compliance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility."

"The adoption of FIPS is not confined to the United States," said Yasutoshi Magara, Chairman & Chief Business Transformation Officer of Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd., a recently announced platinum sponsor of the foundation that will be adopting AlmaLinux OS as the new base for the renowned MIRACLE LINUX distribution. "It will inevitably have a significant impact across the industrial sector in Japan, especially its critical infrastructure. Not only does this FIPS certification announcement from the AlmaLinux OS Foundation provide a further boost of confidence for the entire existing community, but it also positions AlmaLinux as a dependable, enduring and highly appealing option for prospective users - and that's a powerful posture that Cybertrust Japan welcomes and supports."

The FIPS certification for 9. comes as the AlmaLinux OS Foundation announced on July 13, 2023 that it has dropped the aim to be 1:1 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and will instead aim to be a powerful enterprise Linux distribution that remains Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatible with RHEL. CloudLinux and sister company TuxCare serve as sponsors of the foundation's 9.2 FIPS certification and will provide support for FIPS certification to their customers for 5 years.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation also plans to host its second board election in December of this year. Nominations are open now, and any member in good standing may nominate another member to run for election. Read about that and more on the AlmaLinux blog at

About AlmaLinux OS

AlmaLinux OS is an open source, community-governed and forever-free enterprise Linux distribution focused on long-term stability and delivering a robust production-grade platform. With millions of downloads from a network of over 300 mirrors, AlmaLinux is an enterprise Linux distribution compatible with RHEL(r) and pre-Steam CentOS, and powers projects for governments, the defense sector and scientific research institutions as well as numerous global business sectors and the web hosting industry. Adopted by some of today's foremost open source ecosystem projects such as VMware, GitLab and Tenable, it's available on all major public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle OCI. The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit created for the benefit of the AlmaLinux OS community. Visit

About Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

As Japan's first commercial certificate authority, Cybertrust Japan, with more than 200 employees, provides authentication and security services as well as Linux/OSS services for on-premise, cloud and embedded domains by applying MIRACLE LINUX kernel technology and open source software (OSS) knowledge. Combining these technologies and deep security expertise, the company also promotes services that support the reliability of customer services by proving the correctness of "people, tangible things and intangible things" for IoT and other cutting-edge fields. Cybertrust Japan is committed to realizing a safe and secure society with highly specialized and neutral technologies for IT infrastructure. Major Cybertrust Japan shareholders include Softbank Technologies, NTT Data, NEC, Hitachi and Secom. Visit

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