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MGID Expands Partnership With GeoEdge to Reinforce Fight Against Deceptive Ad Practices
[September 19, 2023]

MGID Expands Partnership With GeoEdge to Reinforce Fight Against Deceptive Ad Practices

MGID, the global advertising platform, has expanded its partnership with GeoEdge, the premier provider of ad security and quality solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. The expansion follows a successful, years-long partnership, over which several types of cloaking practices were identified across tens of thousands of scenarios.

Through this reaffirmed, long-term collaboration with GeoEdge, MGID's compliance team can ensure that campaigns launched through its platform are protected with cutting-edge advertising content security. MGID's robust suite of security features includes:

  • Up-to-date threat detection algorithms: GeoEdge systematically updates algorithms for tracking existing and potential threats, focusing on verticals identified by MGID's compliance team as sensitive. This enables the anticipation and immediate reaction to violations.
  • AI-modeled grouping violations: AI models build violation scenarios to pre-empt prohibited practices at the content and ad creation campaign stage, so that MGID's AI-generated creatives are compliant by default.
  • Enhanced manual verification resources: Specialized regional teams monitor the status of advertising content in rotation 24/7, paying attention to even the smallest violation details, such as borrowed design elements and fake statements.
  • Zero-tolerance for malware and malicious content: Any hint of malware, malicious content, or phishing practices is blocked by MGID without exception, or subjected to additional review, before entering the system.
  • Robust verification system: All MGID clients must undergo personal verification and submit required documentation before commencing activity on its platform, through processes called KYC (know yourcustomer) and KYB (know your business).

"Digital advertising is caught in an endless arms race between legitimate actors and fraudsters that siphon ad spend from the supply chain, impacting advertisers, publishers, and users," commented Sergii Denysenko, CEO of MGID. "To protect our clients and the wider open web, we seek partnerships with leading innovators, such as GeoEdge, in the fight against deceptive and fraudulent ads. The results of our collaboration so far speak for themselves, and we look forward to our continued work together."

"Escalating threats from malicious actors present persistent challenges across the entire digital advertising supply chain. As these cyber adversaries refine their tactics, MGID leverages GeoEdge's insights into the threat environment, empowering MGID to combat malvertising and protect its partners from cybercriminal activities." - Amnon Siev, CEO of GeoEdge.

About MGID

MGID is a TAG-certified, global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe, fraud-protected environments. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display, and video to deliver a positive user experience. This enables advertisers to drive performance and awareness, and publishers to retain and monetize their audiences.

Through partnerships with GeoEdge, Pixalate, and AdSecure, MGID deploys a combination of AI and human evaluation and monitoring methods to detect and remove ads that violate its policies and are harmful to users and the overall ad ecosystem. Every month, MGID reaches 900 million unique readers, with 200 billion ad impressions, across 25 thousand trusted publishers. For more information, please visit:

About GeoEdge

GeoEdge's mission is to protect the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem and to preserve a quality experience for users. GeoEdge's advanced security solutions ensure high ad quality and verify that sites offer a clean, safe and engaging user experience, so publishers can focus on their business success.

Publishers around the world rely on GeoEdge to stop malicious and low-quality ads from reaching their audience. GeoEdge allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue without quality concerns, protect their brand reputation and increase their user loyalty. GeoEdge guards digital businesses against unwanted, malicious, offensive and inappropriate ads - without sacrificing revenue.

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