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Revenant Systems Inc. Unveils Essential New App "ADAM" For All-Life Digital Asset Management
[September 18, 2023]

Revenant Systems Inc. Unveils Essential New App "ADAM" For All-Life Digital Asset Management

New "Executor Key" and "Release Timer" Technology Enhances the App

Indigenous Leadership at the Helm of Digital Expert Team

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WINNIPEG, MB, Sept. 18, 2023 /CNW/ - Revenant Systems Inc., a Canadian based tech company that pioneers innovative solutions for consumer and enterprise needs, proudly announces the launch of the groundbreaking new app, ADAM (All-life Digital Asset Manager). ADAM enables users to securely upload their digital legacies and, when the time is right, utilizes advanced technology to release assets to specified individuals through the unique "Executor Key" and "Release Timer" solution. ADAM represents a revolutionary innovation in modern estate planning.

"As someone who experienced a near-death incident at a young age, I understand the significance of havig a plan in place for when your time comes and sought to create a universal solution for managing legacies in the digital age," stated Michael Okoye, Co-Founder and CEO of ADAM. "Our team is excited to introduce the Executor Key and Release Timer method, which will secure digital assets and preserve them for posterity. We believe this technology will eventually become as commonplace as two-factor authentication."

Michael Okoye, a prairie based entrepreneur of Indigenous Metis and Nigerian descent, leads the ADAM team and is among the visionaries behind this innovative technology. Once the app is downloaded, users can begin adding assets to folders that can be updated at any time. Upon entering the Executor Key into the app, the Release Timer will initiate, notifying the account owner for a predetermined duration, allowing time to reset the key if the owner is still alive.

As society advances further into the digital age, a gap has emerged in the legacy and estate planning sector. ADAM bridges this gap by enabling users to pass on digital assets, such as passwords, files, photos, videos, and any other sensitive data stored on their devices.

ADAM is set to attend the world's largest tech show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and has been honoured with a spot in Eureka Park in January 2024, as one of the most promising startups. The team will also participate in the Elevate Festival in Toronto later this month.

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About Revenant Systems Inc.

Revenant Systems Inc. ("RSI") is a Winnipeg-based Canadian tech company co-founded by individuals of Native Prairie and Indigenous descent. RSI envisions creating groundbreaking and innovative solutions for both consumers and enterprises. RSI's inaugural creation, the pioneering mobile application called ADAM ("All-life Digital Asset Manager"), addresses the question: "What happens to your digital assets in the event of your sudden passing?" ADAM aims to assist millions in preventing the loss of priceless memories and information through its original "Executor Key" and "Release Timer" combination.

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