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Tom Rogers Appointed Executive Chairman of Oorbit Gaming and Entertainment
[September 18, 2023]

Tom Rogers Appointed Executive Chairman of Oorbit Gaming and Entertainment

It was announced today that Tom Rogers was appointed Executive Chairman of Oorbit Gaming and Entertainment. The announcement was made by Ash Koosha, President and CEO of Oorbit.

Mr. Koosha stated: "We are absolutely thrilled that Tom has agreed to join our Board. His vast experience and expertise in all aspects of media, and his development of world-renowned media tech businesses, will be an enormous asset to our growth strategy. From the creation of CNBC and MSNBC, to his leadership of an array of companies, from TiVo to Engine Gaming and Media, Tom has been a pioneer of the streaming world."

Mr. Koosha continued: "From steering TiVo as the first company to stream Netflix and Amazon to the TV set, to providing the marketplace with advanced measurements of streaming gaming and esports at Engine, it is clear that Tom has had a major impact throughout the media world. As Oorbit takes streaming of gaming to a whole new level having Tom on board will be of enormous value to us."

Mr. Rogers stated: "It is exciting to participate in breakthrough companies that have helped define some new chapter of the most important entertainment sectors. The impact Oorbit can have on gaming, and next generation AI content, is clearly another example of that."

Oorbit is providing access for gaming enthusiasts to a wealth of very high-quality games that are not available through the major game consoles. In enabling users to gain access to highly sophisticated games on par wit the software quality of many of the best-known triple A games, Oorbit is opening up the breadth of gaming options for gamers and developers alike. Oorbit's pioneering new distribution capability through a multi-cloud solution powers the highest quality interactive gaming experiences, directly to a computer or the TV set, without the need for any console device. Moreover, the Oorbit solution does so at far lower distribution cost than is otherwise available in the market.

Mr. Rogers further stated: "This combination of access to a treasure trove of high-quality games, along with distribution technology that enables a first-class experience in terms of speed, resolution and interactivity at low cost, all come together to create a whole new level of offering for the gaming market."

About Oorbit:
Oorbit is a game and interactive content sharing platform that provides the fastest and easiest way to share high-end gaming content on the internet. Game developers upload Unreal Engine applications to Oorbit to embed and share those experiences to gamers, consumers, and businesses anywhere on the web. Oorbit is working with the Epic Games and Unreal Engine community today, but plans to support real-time cloud distribution for all applications in the near future. Oorbit's patented cloud GPU orchestration, streaming, and networking technology facilitates low cost, high quality, real-time application streaming at scale. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, the company has partnered with LG Electronics and is backed by investors including Mark Cuban and HOF Capital.

About Tom Rogers:
Tom Rogers is a media / technology executive who has shaped many corners of the communications industry. From revolutionizing business news coverage worldwide through the creation of CNBC and MSNBC; to changing the face of TV consumption through TiVo, including such impactful innovations as bringing Netflix and Amazon to the TV screen; to overseeing such iconic media brands from New York Magazine to the Arts & Entertainment and History channels; to writing many of the nation's key laws that govern the development of today's media industry - across print, television, digital and gaming, Mr. Rogers' influence has been felt throughout all media sectors. His career has operated at the nexus of media, technology, and public policy for more than three decades. Mr. Rogers has been inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, the Cable Hall of Fame and has received Emmy Awards for his contributions to the development of advanced television.

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