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Akuity Launches Kargo - a New Open Source Project to Automate the Declarative Promotion of Changes Across Multiple Application Environments
[September 18, 2023]

Akuity Launches Kargo - a New Open Source Project to Automate the Declarative Promotion of Changes Across Multiple Application Environments

Akuity, provider of Kubernetes-native application delivery software powered by the Argo Project and enterprise support for this popular open source tool, announced a new open source tool - Kargo. Its purpose is to implement change promotions across many application life cycle stages using GitOps principles.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Kargo screenshot (Graphic: Business Wire)

Kargo screenshot (Graphic: Business Wire)

Akuity Co-Founders - CEO Hong Wang, CTO Jesse Suen, and Chief Architect Alexander Matyushentsev - are also the co-creators of the Argo Project, a suite of open source tools purpose-built for deploying and running applications and workloads on Kubernetes that includes Argo CD, Argo Rollouts, Argo Workflows, and Argo Events.

Their new open source project is the next step in Kubernetes application delivery evolution aimed to provide stage-to-stage promotion using GitOps without bespoke automation or relying on CI pipelines.

"With Kargo we want to make environment progression a part f your continuous deployment process," said Jesse Suen, CTO at Akuity. "We aim to solve one of the most painful issues that our customers struggle with - enabling GitOps principles to progress applications and microservices from stage to stage, without necessary complexity and proneness to errors."

Key benefits of using Kargo include:

  • Implementing GitOps across the board - progressing your application from one stage to another. Replacing custom CI scripting with state-driven promotion process by subscribing to git artifacts, image updates, Helm chart updates, etc.
  • Moving from stage to stage with tools made for this purpose - no need to rely on custom scripts inside your CI tools and use GitOps principles across the entire application lifecycle journey.
  • Improving Developer Experience - easily progressing your applications and microservices across multiple stages. Introducing guardrails for developers and providing deep insights to enable developers to perform self-service promotion. Introducing a UI for a higher abstraction level necessary for businesses to deliver applications quickly.

To find out more about Kargo join the online webinar hosted by Kelsey Hightower and Jesse Suen, where they will go through a live demo of this ground-braking solution.

Kargo is an open source project available on GitHub and one of the features of the Akuity Platform. You can sign up for the private beta on the Kargo page today.

For more information go to the "Introducing Kargo" blog post.

About Akuity

Akuity is the enterprise company for Argo, the leading open-source suite of cloud-native application delivery software. Akuity was founded by Argo creators Hong Wang, Jesse Suen and Alexander Matyushentsev, and its mission is to empower DevOps teams with the best tools to deliver their apps simpler, safer, and faster. The Akuity Platform provides a best-in-class developer experience with enterprise readiness, and enables organizations to modernize their toolchain for the cloud-native era. Learn more at

About Akuity Platform

The Akuity Platform is a Kubernetes application delivery platform powered by Argo CD. Akuity redesigned the Argo CD architecture to increase security, improve scalability, implement cost savings, and provide better insights into Kubernetes infrastructure. The platform is available as a managed service, and can also be deployed on-prem.

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