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Elevate Security Partners with CrowdStrike to Help Organizations Quickly Identify & Reduce Human Cyber Risk
[September 13, 2023]

Elevate Security Partners with CrowdStrike to Help Organizations Quickly Identify & Reduce Human Cyber Risk

Elevate Security, an innovator in Human Risk Management, today announced an expanded partnership expansion with CrowdStrike enabling customers to harness the power of the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon Platform to accelerate detection of human cyber risks before a potential incident occurs. CrowdStrike's strategic investment vehicle, Falcon Fund, is invested in Elevate. Elevate Security solutions, including the new integration, are available now on the CrowdStrike Store.

Simple, targeted human interaction remains a staple in threat actors' toolkits. In the 2023 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report, CrowdStrike threat hunters and intelligence analysts observed an increase in social engineering using human interaction, such as vishing, to successfully download malware or circumvent multifactor authentication. Cybercriminals only need to target a small group of high-risk individuals to ultimately open an entire organization to significant risk. Recent research from Elevate revealed only 8% o employees are responsible for 80% of all security incidents.

With the integration of world-class security telemetry from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform with the Elevate platform, defenders can now:

  • Rapidly identify and classify employee human risk potential based on hundreds of risk characteristics
  • Predict and quantify vulnerabilities of each individual, facilitating a scalable, tailored approach to managing human risk.
  • Get immediate notification of increased human risk through a unified console delivered by the Falcon platform for response and remediation

"Elevate customers are already seeing up to a 70% reduction in account compromise, phishing, and data loss events. Adding high-fidelity data from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to the Elevate platform gives defenders another simple, transparent, and effective method to apply personalized protections aligned to individual vulnerabilities," stated Elevate founder and CEO, Robert Fly. "We are thrilled to be working closely with CrowdStrike to bring this game-changing technology to our customers, and look forward to engaging defenders at our upcoming joint webinar and during Fal.Con."

"The implication is that current approaches to employee defense will not be sufficient to protect the enterprise from human cyber risk going forward," stated Edward Amoroso, founder and CEO of research and advisory firm, Tag Cyber. "A new methodology is required. Human risk intelligence, pioneered by Elevate Security, is a good example of a new approach that can drive human cyber risk to acceptably low levels."

Elevate's seamless integration with today's modern security stack, such as email and web gateways, endpoints, and other tools, provides a comprehensive view of employee behavior and human-targeted threats. For many global enterprises, Elevate is now the source of truth for human risk, leading to rapid improvements in protecting employees from human-centered attacks.

Elevate at Fal.con 2023

As a silver sponsor, Elevate's engineers will be sharing demonstrations and workshops in Booth #1507 of CrowdStrike's marquee annual customer event, Fal.Con 2023 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas from September 18-21.

Webinar: "Work from Anywhere, Secure Everywhere: Survival of the Fittest"

Robert Fly, CEO and Co-Founder Elevate Security, and Austin Zide, Sr. Product Manager from CrowdStrike, will explore the evolving role of security teams in safeguarding employees and data in the era of work from anywhere, including a deep dive on how adversaries are pivoting their attacks, who they're attacking, who is at the most risk, and how organizations can respond in protecting their sensitive data.

About Elevate Security

Elevate Security addresses today's biggest cybersecurity gap, Human Risk, by helping enterprise's proactively identify and safeguard their riskiest users. Using Elevate's risk intelligence and risk-aware interventions, security teams can understand and categorize who is most 'at-risk', motivate and measure behavior change, enforce conditional policies and governance reviews based on individual risk, accelerate incident triage and response, improve help desk decision making, and automate protective controls for risky workers. To learn more, visit

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