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HYAS Protect At Home Named a 2023 New Product of the Year by Security Today
[September 12, 2023]

HYAS Protect At Home Named a 2023 New Product of the Year by Security Today

HYAS Infosec, whose adversary infrastructure platform provides unparalleled visibility, protection and security against all kinds of malware and attacks, today announced that its HYAS Protect At Home has been named a 2023 New Product of the Year by Security Today Magazine.

HYAS Protect at Home offers cybersecurity professionals free access to HYAS Protect, the industry-leading protective DNS independently validated to be the most effective protective DNS solution on the market. Regardless of how or if a network may have been compromised, HYAS Protect helps detect and block cyber attacks before they happen. HYAS Protect At Home provides both cybersecurity's first responders, as well as every day users, with an additional line of defense to help harden their home networks against cyberattacks.

"One of cybersecurity's untold truths is that professionals are at sharply elevated risk of both retaliatory actions and of probes and attacks from threat actors looking to promote their tradecraft and reputation by successfully attacking a cyber expert with a known brand," said David Ratner, CEO of HYAS. "We are honored with this award, which recognizes HYAS Protect At Home's ability to detect and protect against malware, phishing, and other attacks and provides cybersecurity personnel free enterprise-level protection for their home networks. In addition it's free and available for anyone to use whether they are in cybersecurity or not."

Security Today is a leading industry media brand providing technology, education and solutions for security professionals, and its New Product of the Year Award is viewed as among the cybersecurity sector's most prestigious. This year marks the 15th year in which the awards have been issued.

"In the realm of security, innovation is essential. When judging new security products, remember that they should not just meet today's challenges but also anticipate the threats of tomorrow," said Ralph C. Jensen, publisher of Security Today magazine. "By taking a proactive and holistic approach to security products and technology, you can better anticipate and adapt to ongoing physical security needs in commercial and industrial settings, ensuring the safety of your assets, employees and operations. We are pleased to recognize so many outstanding new security products that are addressing these concerns."

Phishing, malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks are all on the rise, and exploits are continuously evolving to avoid detection by most cybersecurity solutions designed for the home - where gamers, shoppers, online community members, and other family members are often just one bad click away from unintentionally opening the door to an attacker.

Protective DNS is endorsed by CISA and considered a best practice in network security, and HYAS Protect protective DNS is increasingly used by security-aware organizations around the world. It combines authoritative knowledge of attacker infrastructure and unrivaled domain-based intelligence to proactively enforce security and block the command and control (C2) communication used by malware, ransomware, phishing, and other forms of cyberattacks. HYAS Protect At Home is a free edition that provides cybersecurity professionals with access to essential security services that they shouldn't have to leave behind when they leave work.

HYAS Protect At Home features include:

  • No configuration required - protection is available out-of-the-box, driven by HYAS unique enterprise-grade domain reputation data,
  • Easy blocking of broadly defined domain categories like gambling, adult websites, etc.,
  • Configurable allow/block lists, policies, and rules,
  • Dashboard to visualize blocked sites, threats, and more.

To register for HYAS Protect At Home, cybersecurity professionals can visit HYAS Protect At Home.

About HYAS

HYAS is the world-leading authority on cyber adversary infrastructure and communication to that infrastructure. HYAS is dedicated to protecting organizations and solving intelligence problems through detection of adversary infrastructure and anomalous communication patterns.

We help businesses see more, do more, and understand more in real time about the nature of the threats they face. HYAS turns metadata into actionable threat intelligence, actual adversary visibility, and protective DNS that renders malware inoperable. For more information visit

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