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Peter Relan's YouWeb Launches Climate Tech Incubator to Help Advance Infrastructure Bill and IRA Initiatives for Carbon Management Technologies
[September 12, 2023]

Peter Relan's YouWeb Launches Climate Tech Incubator to Help Advance Infrastructure Bill and IRA Initiatives for Carbon Management Technologies

Incubations include Optivolt for Shade Tolerant Solar, DACLab for Direct Air Capture Technologies, Polar Defense for Utilization and Sequestration.

Early investments include Equatic for Ocean-Based CO2 Capture, Heirloom for Direct Air Capture and Mineralization, CarbonBuilt for Low Carbon Concrete.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- founder Peter Relan unveiled his latest incubator, YouWeb IV, focused on Climate Change and Carbon Management technologies and solutions. Importantly, YouWeb IV is also investing in early stage companies to help accelerate their progress in Carbon Management: Equatic for ocean based, measurable, verifiable CO2 capture and mineralization, Heirloom which recently announced its partnership with the DAC Hub initiative funded by the DOE, and CarbonBuilt for embodied CO2 and low carbon concrete. Many of the sponsored companies have been working through “public-private” partnerships, or expect to work on public-private partnerships with the DOE and ARPA-E.

In past cohorts YouWeb has focused successfully on investing in technological inflection points such as the smartphone, (CrowdStar, OpenFeint, Agawi), social platforms (Discord), and Generative AI (MathGPT, Got It AI). YouWeb IV’s cohort of incubations are listed below with links to their websites, if they are alrady launched.

“YouWeb IV is doing both incubation of advanced carbon management technologies, and acceleration through funding of companies such as Equatic and CarbonBuilt, both of which have been spun out of UCLA’s Institute of Carbon Management, where I recently joined the Advisory Board.” said Peter Relan, Founder of YouWeb. “We are excited to be working with Gaurav Sant at UCLA’s ICM, as well as ASU in the US. We also look forward to partnering with some of the best founders and technologists in Carbon Management and Direct Air Capture, including, Gradient heat pumps, and Octavia, which is harnessing GeoThermal energy for Direct Air Capture and Sequestration in Kenya.”

YouWeb IV is incubating several startups including DACLab for advanced Direct Air Capture technology, Polar Defense for CO2 Utilization and Sequestration, Optivolt for developing next generation solar that works even in the shade, and Sykom, a science communications company, for ensuring that the problem of climate change is communicated with urgency to all stakeholders.

DACLab founded by Aditya Anil Bhandari
Polar Defense founded by Michael Weaver
Sykom founded by Aarati Asundi
Optivolt founded by Rohit Kalyanpur

YouWeb IV and their companies welcome partnerships that accelerate the agenda of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the IRA, carbon management, and public-private partnerships with the DOE and ARPA-E. For enquiries please contact [email protected]

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