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Shogun Launches a New Era of Optimization and Generative AI Features for Ecommerce Merchants
[September 12, 2023]

Shogun Launches a New Era of Optimization and Generative AI Features for Ecommerce Merchants

Shogun revolutionizes how established merchants with complex needs can scale store content efficiently

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Shogun, a trailblazer in the no-code ecommerce page builder space, today announced the release of Shogun AI and Shogun Insights, the first milestones delivered in an expanded vision to further accelerate the growth of ecommerce brands.

In eight years, Shogun has enabled over 250,000 merchants to fully customize Shopify and BigCommerce store design for more conversions. As the builder that defined the category as the first of its kind on the Shopify App Store, the company has continued investing in the no-code editor space, and is once again innovating to empower non-technical merchants.

Realization of an expanded vision for Shogun Page Builder begins today with the rollout of Shogun AI—content creation tools for merchants fueled by artificial intelligence—and Shogun Insights, a built-in optimization tool providing real-time recommendations for improving conversions, design, and performance. These new additions are delivered on top of an improved user interface, plus the powerful existing feature-set that has allowed customers to instantly clone content between stores for efficient multi-store growth.

"When it comes to strategic ecommerce expansion, you need solutions that can handle complexity," said Finbarr Taylor, Co-founder and CTO of Shogun. "For nearly a decade we've been merchants' preferred page builder solution, and we know that the stores leveraging Shogun to the fullest are more established brands—often with multiple storefronts or regional stores. With our latest feature additions and improvements, we've become the builder that brands don't outgrow. We're excited to take this further with Shogun AI and Shogun Insights to become a trusted optimization partner for sophisticated brands."

Where merchants today typically spend too many hours building store content manually, Shogun's AI features have been built to speed time to market:

"You can now generate content—from your store's copy to entire page sections—instantly," said Bill Farrell, Senior Director of Product Management at Shogun. "Now, you never need to start from a blank page. We're helping merchants confidently publish high-converting content that drives revenue."

Vastly speeding up content creation wokflows, Shogun AI is composed of generative tools including AI Text, AI Designer, AI SEO, and AI Elements. These enable merchants to:

  • Generate persuasive page copy in seconds: Select any text element, add a prompt, and get contextual store headlines, promotional banner text, and product descriptions.
  • Create blocks of store content entirely with AI. Quick prompts generate compelling hero banners, value props, customer review blocks, and more, all directly in the builder. Merchants can stack AI-generated content blocks to create entire pages and variants fast.
  • Auto-generate a store page's meta titles and descriptions for SEO-friendly content more likely to appear in search results.
  • Harness AI to generate code for interactive store elements. Enhance existing development expertise by using prompts to guide AI code creation for unique or interactive store elements, with just minor tweaks pre-publish.

"Generative AI is rapidly changing the possibilities for brands in ecommerce," says Katie Ouaknine, Owner of Badgley Mischka Web. "Merchants need to consider how they're adopting AI-enabled solutions—and which vendors can meaningfully help your business push past traditional design or platform limitations. Shogun's Content Syncing feature and Advanced plan tier were a no-brainer for us as we scaled, and Shogun is well-positioned to deliver and help brands continue to grow with this expansion."

Beyond Shogun AI, the brand also announced Shogun Insights, a built-in optimization tool designed to give merchants access to real-time recommendations pre-publish. As Bill Farrell shares: "Merchants haven't always had a clear picture of how store content will perform—or they've needed to run diagnostics outside of a builder. Now, even without a background in design, SEO, or other marketing domains, anyone can gain the insights needed to create high-converting store content adhering to Google Lighthouse's performance requirements at-a-glance."

With modern merchants facing a challenging landscape today with fewer resources, intense price pressure, inflation, and continually rising shopper expectations, this expanded vision and feature set represents another way to remain competitive. Coupled with Shogun's near decade of content creation expertise—and as the only builder with Shopify Plus certified status—Shogun AI and Shogun Insights deliver outsized capability to established merchants.

Merchants can install Shogun Page Builder today from the Shopify or BigCommerce App Stores to get access to Shogun's generative AI features available on the latest paid plans. Shogun Insights will be available on the Grow and Advanced plans.  

To learn more about what Shogun's focus on optimization will mean for merchants:

  • Attend the live Keynote September 26, 2023 at 2 pm EST/11 am PST, where Shogun's CEO and the Senior Director of Product Management will demonstrate how to leverage the expanded offering to its full potential.
  • Read our blog about the importance of generative AI and optimization as ecommerce brands adapt to the current landscape.

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