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Former California OES Director Mark Ghilarducci Forms New Consultancy in Crisis Management
[September 07, 2023]

Former California OES Director Mark Ghilarducci Forms New Consultancy in Crisis Management

Emergent Global Solutions brings decades of expertise to respond to and mitigate threats from natural disasters, security risks, pandemics.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Emergent Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS), a newly formed global crisis and emergency management firm, today began offering its unparalleled expertise to public and private sector clients who need to prevent, prepare for, respond to, or recover from natural, or human caused disasters, security and cyber threats and other complex situations.

Headquartered in Sacramento, the comprehensive all-hazards crisis and emergency management firm is headed by Mark Ghilarducci, former Director of the State of California's Emergency Services and Homeland Security. An international leader in the field, Ghilarducci brings 40 years of award-winning, global experience managing some of the most difficult and complex crisis and disaster situations in the nation.

EGS was founded to address the ever-evolving needs of clients at a tie of escalating threats from natural disasters, climate change, security challenges, pandemics and other threats to life, health, and infrastructure. These complex events stress both government and industry resources and impact lives and the economy and require experience and organizational expertise to prepare and prevent or guide effective response and recovery to maintain both organizational and social stability.

"The events we experience today are more extreme by scope, scale, frequency, and complexity and these threats are much more challenging than at any other time in my four decades managing crisis situations.  The unpredictability of these evolving situations continues to have profound impacts on our communities, businesses, and the economy and its critical for both government and private sectors to understand their risks and prepare for them," Ghilarducci said. "EGS was created to bridge this enormous gap between unpredictability and predictability, so that our clients are assured they are prepared and can respond to or recover from any situation."

Ghilarducci will lead a team of equally renowned and award-winning crisis management, disaster recovery, public safety, and security professionals. This team of industry veterans, with exceptional experience, have collectively navigated an extraordinary number of crisis scenarios, both big and small, including complex disasters, globally, and historic events such as California's response to unprecedented and catastrophic wildfires, severe droughts, earthquakes, threats to critical infrastructure, unprecedented storms, floods and mud flows, cyber security threats, security and terrorist threats, and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The company's services include scalable solutions and advisory services around preparedness and prevention, response, and incident management, planning and all-hazard mitigation, security and justice, public and private navigation, and disaster recovery and remediation. That includes humanitarian aid, safeguarding critical infrastructure, security concerns, securing special events and large venues, crisis communication and brand protection, risk and vulnerability assessments and building resilient communities, companies, and networks, supporting tribal governments, addressing public health and bio-hazard emergencies, climate impact challenges, critical lifeline reliability, cybersecurity and domestic and international training and exercises.

"Our goal is to provide holistic 360-degree solutions that position our clients for success in the most uncertain of circumstances," Ghilarducci said. "We aim to be the trusted go-to partner when our clients need it the most."

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