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Chenbro's Chiayi Factory Recognized at MUSE Design Awards for Commitment to Sustainability
[August 22, 2023]

Chenbro's Chiayi Factory Recognized at MUSE Design Awards for Commitment to Sustainability

TAIPEI, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd., a pioneer in designing and manufacturing own-brand rackmount systems and professional server chassis, won three awards in the Architectural Design category at 2023 MUSE Design Awards—the Platinum Award for Sustainable Living/Green, the Gold Award for Office Building, and the Gold Award for Factories & Warehouse. In 2022, it also won the Official Selection Award at the London International Creative Competition (LICC). The design of its factory, which contributes to carbon reduction and energy conservation, underscores Chenbro's commitment to sustainable development, building connections with local communities, and fostering a corporate culture centered on well-being and happiness.

"The awards bestowed on the Chiayi factory are inspiring and an honor for our team," said Maggi Chen, Chairperson and Chief Strategy Officer of Chenbro. "Our goal is to create a building with a style that is different from traditional factories. By giving the factory a mission and vision that goes beyond manufacturing, we integrate elements of technology, environmental protection, ecology, humanism, art, and innovation, symbolizing the common good. In short, we aim to construct a building with the essence of ESG, which connects Chiayi's local culture. We seek to stimulate dialoguewith employees, global customers, supply partners, and even the general public, conveying the corporate philosophy of diligence and sincerity and a sustainable vision of connecting for the greater good."

Realizing Chenbro's ESG philosophy with green building standards
Traditionally factories were expected to focus solely on manufacturing and production, resulting in boxy and unoriginal architectural designs that lacked aesthetic appeal. The Chiayi factory's design concept was inspired by Chenbro's server chassis. The building resembles stacked servers and incorporates architectural techniques such as light and shadow, layering, and spatial displacement to create a unique sense of space that links technology, culture, and nature. Indeed, the aesthetics and innovative technology of Chenbro's Chiayi factory have successfully upended traditional conceptions and accentuated the company's forward-looking mindset.

In line with Chenbro's ESG philosophy, the Chiayi factory was designed to reduce its environmental impact by adhering closely to the EEWH green building standards of ecology, energy saving, waste reduction, and health. The factory incorporated various sustainable development features such as a rainwater harvesting, vertical greening, solar power generation, airflow, and chimney effect to improve the microclimate of the factory and respond to local climate conditions.

In terms of energy saving, the factory adopted a steel structure and incorporated a nine-meter-high ceiling and low-emissivity glass to reduce reliance on air conditioning. A solar energy system with an annual power generation capacity of 1.54 GW was installed on the roof to achieve energy conservation, effectively reducing carbon emissions. "The factory obtained its ISO 14064-1 certification this year. Chenbro is actively working on a carbon reduction plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050," said Corona Chen, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Chenbro.

For waste reduction, the industrial park was extensively greened. Over 1,300 trees and lawns were planted, reducing the use of hard pavement. A 1,060-ton water storage tank was built for rainwater collection, which can be used for watering plants. Through an eco-pond, the factory aims to support biodiversity.

Additionally, the Chiayi plant is a humane space that promotes employee well-being and happiness. It aims to foster openness and vitality and, complemented by local culture, create art and leisure spaces. Indeed, it serves as a platform that can be shared and used to inspire even more connections.

Maggi Chen further said that Chenbro leverages the Chiayi factory to link corporate operations and environmental sustainability initiatives, as well as to share its energy-saving and carbon-reducing philosophy with its employees and customers. Looking ahead, Chenbro aspires to establish more partnerships in order to continue advancing toward a more sustainable future.

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