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Lumen and Microsoft Team Up for Modernized Workforces
[June 09, 2023]

Lumen and Microsoft Team Up for Modernized Workforces

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Lumen Technologies, a provider of communication and information technology services, has announced its plans to launch Operator Connect for Microsoft (News - Alert) Teams Phone offering. This move comes as a response to the growing challenge faced by companies in modernizing their hybrid workforce. Lumen recognizes the need to support businesses in adapting to the demands of a hybrid employee base, and this product aims to provide a solution that offers fast, easy, and simplified connection and collaboration abilities.

The collaboration between Lumen and Microsoft represents a strategic partnership aimed at delivering enhanced customer experiences, improved product quality and increased productivity. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, Lumen aims to provide consultative support to its customers, helping them choose the right products to drive their desired business outcomes.

Lumen's long-standing history in the communication and information technology industry positions them as a reliable partner in the evolving landscape of modern businesses. With over a century of experience, Lumen has consistently adapted to technological advancements to provide innovative solutions to their customers.

Lumen has witnessed the transformative power of communication technology over the decades. Through various mergers and acquisitions, the company has grown its reach and capabilities, solidifying its position as a leading provider of communication services. Lumen's market presence and expertise in network infrastructure and edge computing have made them a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and scalable communication solutions.

As the demand for hybrid work environments continues to rise, Lumen's Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Phone (News - Alert) offering positions them as a key player in supporting organizations' digital transformation journeys.

'Partners make more possible,' stated Kate Johnson, President and CEO at Lumen. 'Lumen is revamping our alliance partner ecosystem with companies like Microsoft so we can be even more consultative in our approach - we can really help customers choose the products that will drive the best business outcomes.'

Operator Connect offers clients a seamless and efficient way to deploy calling in Microsoft Teams without the need for on-premises equipment. The product also provides customizable features, further enhancing its value proposition. This offering is particularly advantageous for customers as it allows them to leverage their existing investment in Teams, eliminating the need for additional on-premises solutions.

Lumen's inclusion of Microsoft in its Growth Operating System is a testament to the tech giant's early entry into this innovative process. The Growth Operating System aims to gain a deep understanding of customer needs in an ever-evolving landscape characterized by the complexity of cloud services and connectivity disruptions. Lumen plans to leverage these insights to assist customers in harnessing the transformative capabilities of emerging technologies like the metaverse and AI. The partnership with Microsoft is expected to yield accelerated sales leads and closures, as well as facilitate product expansion.

"Lumen's scale of network and metro edge compute infrastructure is uniquely differentiated for low latency experiences. With our combined strengths, Microsoft and Lumen will enable customers to access advanced immersive capabilities for improved collaboration, productivity, and innovation,' stated Rick Wagner, president, Microsoft Federal. 'This effort is a great example of how Microsoft works with industry leaders to deliver results for customers at scale.'

Lumen Technologies' upcoming launch of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Phone is set to address the challenge faced by companies in modernizing their hybrid workforce. By leveraging their strategic partnership with Microsoft, Lumen aims to provide customers with fast, easy, and simplified connection and collaboration abilities.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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