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RIB introduces new suite of solutions for building product manufacturers
[June 05, 2023]

RIB introduces new suite of solutions for building product manufacturers

RIB Software, a leading multinational provider of innovative technology solutions to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries and the developer of SpecLink, has announced the launch of a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help manufacturers get specified more frequently and accurately, and empower specification representatives with the tools they need to have more productive interactions with architects, engineers, and specifiers.

The foundation of the program is crafting high-quality specification content with embedded intelligence to guide design professionals through the specification process. RIB employs full-time design and specification experts who invest the time required to understand the unique aspects of each manufacturer’s products and ensure that the content meets industry standards.

RIB is now introducing new technology that extends the value and utility of the content, with integration capabilities allowing manufacturers to deliver digital specifications through their websites or product selection tools, as well as purpose-built capabilities to support specification reps who are managing client relationships and engaging with design professionals as they’re making specification decisions.

RIB is leveraging the existing SpecLive brand to incorporate the full suite of solutions and better reflect the extent of the capabilities offered. The SpecLive manufacturer solutions now include Influence, Impact, Connect, Engage, and Collaborate:

  • Influence: A spec writing and distribution service that puts manufacturers in front of design professionals at the point of decision by integrating their products into SpecLink, the industry's most-trusted specification software. With Influence, manufacturers can outsource the work required to create and maintain specifications, and ensure their products are embedded directly into the workflow of thousands of design professionals.
  • Impact: Spec reporting and lead generation software that helps manufacturers measure spec influence, identify high-potential opportunities, and determine where to focus their efforts, empowering sale and marketing with actionable leads. Impact provides valuable insights and data to optimize specification efforts and drive business growth.
  • Connect: A spec integration solution that provides customers with high-quality guide specs on demand and enables manufacturers to connect their website or custom application with SpecLink content, reducing the time and effort required for design professionals to specify their products. Connect streamlines the specification process, making it easier for customers to access and integrate product information into their projects.
  • Engage: A white-label application that delivers tailored guide specification content through a simple, intuitive editing interface and provides specifiers with a faster way to integrate product-specific specification language into their project specifications. End users can create, edit, save, and export guide specs directly from the application, and most importantly, can contact a specification representative from the manufacturer's team to ask questions or request assistance.
  • Collaborate: Digital specification management software for manufacturer reps, ensuring they have the tools they need to engage with architects, engineers, and specifiers effectively. Reps can manage, edit, and collaborate on guide specs with prospects, providing seamless coordination and project support to their clients, leading to more accurate specifications.

"We are thrilled to re-introduce SpecLive as a new suite of solutions that gives our building product manufacturer customers new, unique ways to engage with their prospective customers and evolve from Word-based guide specs to digital solutions," said Daimon Bridge, Managing Director at RIB North America. “Our mission is to provide professional content designers with precisely the information they need, within their existing workflows. Our collaborative partnerships with building product manufacturers mean that they no longer need to search through general product directories and piece together information from disparate sources. Our new SpecLive solutions bridge-the-information-gap and deliver content-rich solutions precisely when and where they are needed, which is better for both manufacturers and content designers. We believe SpecLive’s capabilities will be a game-changer for the building product manufacturing industry, helping our customers achieve greater success in the specification process.”

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About RIB Software

Driven by transformative digital technologies and trends, RIB is committed to propelling the industry forward and making engineering and construction more efficient and sustainable.

Throughout its 60-year history, the business has expanded its global footprint to incorporate more than 550,000 users and 2,600 talents, with the vision of transforming the operation into a worldwide powerhouse and providing innovative software solutions to its core markets – while placing its people at the heart of everything it does.

Managing the entire project lifecycle, from planning and construction, to operation and maintenance, the development of RIB’s portfolio of software solutions is driven by industry expertise, best practice and a passion to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Ultimately, it aims to connect people, processes and data in innovative ways to ensure its customers always complete projects within budget, on time and to high quality, while reducing their carbon footprints.

RIB Software is a proud Schneider Electric company.

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