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Continuous Innovation, Product Mindset Key to Success in Hyper-Dynamic Business Environment
[May 31, 2023]

Continuous Innovation, Product Mindset Key to Success in Hyper-Dynamic Business Environment

Enterprise success in today's hyper-dynamic business environment requires a culture of continuous transformation that emphasizes product-focused innovation, says an expert with Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

In an online keynote presentation, "Building a Culture of Continuous Transformation," today at DASA Connect 2023, hosted by the DevOps and Agile Skills Association (DASA), Ola Chowning, partner and Digital Lead for ISG North Europe, explored how enterprises can build an operating model and culture to succeed in a business environment filled with macro-level disruptions and constantly changing technologies and capabilities.

"Emerging technologies such as cloud, metaverse, AI/ChatGPT, digital twins and more are transforming the way we work and compete," Chowning said. "Large transformation initiatives are struggling to deliver measurable returns on investment before being replaced by new priorities. Aginst this backdrop, businesses have no choice but to embrace innovation and a product-oriented mindset to enable natural, agile, continuous transformation."

To navigate change, businesses should make small, nimble "bets," change financial operations practices to enable agility, align team objectives with overall enterprise objectives, and encourage a sense of mission with employees, Chowning said. Employees should foster their own curiosity, advance their skill development, and take advantage of learning opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

"When an established 'north star' is clearly articulated for a team and for the overall business, employees have clarity around the purpose and meaning of their work and their connection to the greater business value," she said. "That sense of purpose is critical to employee morale, helping team members focus on the positive results of their contributions and giving them satisfaction when their work is done well."

Connecting employees to business objectives shifts the enterprise culture towards a product-oriented mindset that is continuously innovating for business value, Chowning said. When employees feel connected to the broadest corporate context and the overall goals of the enterprise, they often pursue organic continuous transformation, naturally adapting their skills and approach to meet business objectives.

"Culture happens at all levels, from the leadership to the team to the individual," Chowning said. "In the face of continuous change, we need a culture that is ready for change, embraces change, and, indeed, welcomes and fosters it."

Chowning said team members should be encouraged to develop a group mission statement to ensure alignment and a sense of ownership. "When leaders, teams and individuals participate in building a team's mission statement, defining who the team is, what it does, who and where it serves and what its purpose is, this helps both leaders and employees internalize and agree to what they and their teams are trying to achieve, leading to much greater understanding, buy-in and willingness to change and adapt to achieve those mutually-defined goals," she said.

DASA Connect 2023 is a virtual event for IT and DevOps professionals. Additional information is available on the event website.

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