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UPDATE -- StartADAM Acquires Domain for Launch of aOS Chat-based Operating System
[May 31, 2023]

UPDATE -- StartADAM Acquires Domain for Launch of aOS Chat-based Operating System

LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StartADAM, a technology company that presents itself as the SaaS “Missing Link”, has announced its capital raise of $1.9M USD for the launch of its aOS chat operating system. It has also acquired the domain, representing its consolidated communication hub. StartADAM aims to transform the business landscape by emphasizing human connection, facilitating better client interactions, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Primarily, StartADAM enables cross-platform communication between all major tools. Using StartADAM, cross-platform groups can be created between Slack, Microsoft Teams, Text Message, Whatsapp, Telegram & Discord. 

StartADAM has unveiled, a robust communication hub that simplifies and streamlines conversations between teams, clients, and other stakeholders or networks. The goal is for everybody to claim their profile page, for anybody to connect from their communication tool to the user’s own. The company aims to enhance the experience of both employees and customers alke by offering a personalized approach to communication and collaboration.

aOS elevates enterprise communication by uniting all chat platforms in one interface, leveraging features like universal chat, secure communication, and CRM integrations. Its pages offer seamless client access while chatbots enhance engagement and lighten communication load.

Speaking on the development, Adam Stone, StartADAM’s CEO, said, "Our vision is to revolutionize how businesses communicate and operate. With the acquisition of the domain, we're taking a significant step towards making chat-based operating systems the standard in business communication. This is a step forward in making business more human in an increasingly remote world."

The innovative system comes with the potential to drastically reduce customer service costs and increase company-wide productivity. Early adopters have reported benefits such as 10%+ reduction in customer service costs, increased client satisfaction with no hold times, and a 10% productivity boost across the company. One client in particular said they closed three deals worth $60k in their first day of deploying.

About StartADAM

StartADAM is driven to enhance business communication and operational efficiency by introducing innovative, chat-based solutions. With a vision of making business more human, StartADAM is committed to providing services that revolutionize the way companies interact, collaborate and succeed.

Adam Stone
Co-Founder, StartADAM - Automated Data, Automated Management

[email protected]
(415) 413 3103

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