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UPDATDE - $NYAN Meme Coin Emerges as a Cryptocurrency Hero in the Crusade Against Animal Cruelty
[May 31, 2023]

UPDATDE - $NYAN Meme Coin Emerges as a Cryptocurrency Hero in the Crusade Against Animal Cruelty

NEW YORK, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A groundbreaking cryptocurrency project, NYAN Meme Coin (CRYPTO: NYAN) ($NYAN), is taking a stand against animal cruelty and helping animals in need donating to animal shelters worldwide, starting off with Vietnam.

Unbelievably, cats and dogs, which we usually associate with warmth and companionship, are commonly used as food in these regions. Moreover, the Yulin Festival, an annual event in Guangxi, China, which perpetuates the mistreatment of animals, is a stark reality check for our furry companions.

Amid these harsh circumstances, a Vietnamese woman named Quyen is making a difference. Previously featured by the media for her tireless efforts, Quyen operates a self-funded animal shelter, aiming to rescue animals from slaughterhouses, provide medical treatment, nourishment, and safe space. Despite her unwavering commitment, limited funds and awareness of her cause make it a daunting task.

Fortuitously, the NYAN Meme Coin team crossed paths with Quyen due to an unexpected interaction in a Ho Chi Minh hotel lobby. The team had launched the NYAN project, named after the Japanese word for "meow," with a primary objective to support animal welfare, specifically cats. After learning about Quyen's laudable initiative, they were inspired to contribute to her operation. You can learn more and support Quyen's mission directly from her Facebook page

The NYAN Meme Coin project is unique, leveraging the financial potential of meme coins to fund animal shelters worldwide. Emphasizing support for disadvantaged countries, where even a small amount of money can make a significant impact, NYAN aspires to construct more animal shelters in he future.

NYAN's inspiration originates from a 2011 YouTube phenomenon. A Poptart Cat animated gif by Chris Torres that Sarah June (aka "saraj00n") combined with the voice of Momone Momo saying "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" which became a viral sensation. NYAN Meme Coin strives to replicate this internet success of NYAN cat, but with real-world contributions to animal shelters.

In the emotionally charged video below NYAN sponsored an influencer to meet Quyen and donate $1000 in Vietnamese Dong to Quyen’s animal rescue operation:

NYAN Meme Coin, a project backed by various crypto veterans and whales, operates on a renounced contract with its initial liquidity burned, ensuring its trustworthiness by eliminating the possibility of a rug pull. To maintain decentralization, emphasize community and to keep the focus on donating to animal shelters without involving politics, the project team remains anonymous.

Joining the NYAN community gives you an opportunity to make a positive impact on our furry friends' lives.

Through collective effort, we can change lives. Remember, memes are fun, but NYAN is much more than an ordinary meme – it's a movement with a purpose!

For more information, follow $NYAN on and

Contract address: 0x0ebe30595a44e5288c24161ddfc1e9fa08e33a0c

Email: [email protected]






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