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[May 31, 2023]


London, UK, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a new wave of investors coming in to the cryptocurrency defi space due to recent hype around the token known as PEPE, and heavy financial inflow of capital, the little guy known as PEPITO ($PEPI) has been born! Inspired by PEPE, this token offers many reasons to invest. This new and fun token has created a bullish sentiment around the community it garners. Just one look at Pepito, and it’s very reasonable to see why interest has risen. So, let’s take a look at what Pepito is, what it offers to those looking to invest, the brand itself, and some plans for the future for this incredible crypto project. The Pepito Platoon has assembled, and things are just getting started!

Pepito is a new auto self-reflections crypto project, operating on the BEP-20 blockchain (Binance Smart Chain). Meaning, it rewards its’ holders in $PEPI rewards for just holding based on the volume of inflow and outflow of trading, and the tax distributed based on this. The project was launched on April 17,2023. The project is completely decentralized, meaning, it refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group thereof) to a distributed network. The team at Pepito encourages open communication, and holds trust and transparency to the utmost importance. Community at Pepito is key!

Pepito aims to bring organic growth, solidify itself as a top cryptocurrency, and bring in real use cases. Pepito started with a total supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) tokens. Currently, over 4% of the supply has been burned and removed forever from the circulating supply, with more to be burned as time goes by. This, in theory, increases the value of each token held over time because of “Supply vs. Demand”. The current tax distribution is as follows: 1% buy tax and 10% sell tax. The tax is then distributed as shown in this picture from the website:Source:

Pepito also has a roadmap (A brief outline on the plans of the project) it features on the website:  Source:

Most of these goals have already been met as of this date, but many will be expanded upon, as the growth of the project continues its’ trajectory. Pepto is already listed on many exchanges, partnered with, and listed on other sites such as: CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko, Pancakeswap, Strike X, Volt Inu, Finexbox, and many others to come!


  • PEPITO SWAP- Pepito features its’ very own swap, where you can swap your BNB for some Pepito! 
  • STAKING - Stake your tokens to earn more Pepito with Pepito’s very own staking platform. Current APY is at 150%. A tax of 10% is incurred on the deposit of your Pepito tokens into the staking platform. A 4-day minimum lock is required to avoid an early withdrawal penalty tax of 10%. LP Staking is available as well to go along with regular staking. Pepito also offers its’ staking platform to any project in need of them as a form of a revenue-based service. Any project looking to use Pepito’s staking platform will be required to purchase and then burn $PEPI, increasing the revenue generated by the project.  
  • NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFT) – Pepito has featured and released its’ own very first NFT collection edition known as “Pepito Platoon” of 500 total NFTs to be minted. Each NFT holder receives 10% rewards in Pepito from each new NFT minted. Holders will also be eligible to receive proceeds from any future brand sales and partnerships. With each NFT minted, proceeds will also be used to fund more marketing, and do buybacks. Each NFT holder will also be able to use their NFT in the upcoming game in development as a character. More collections to come in the future!
  • PLAY to EARN GAME (P2E in Development) – The game in development is set to be a kart racing game where players will be able to compete with one another in a “Race to the Finish Line” to earn Pepito tokens. An in-game store will be available, where a player will be able to purchase boosts using $PEPI to have an advantage. The NFTs will also be integrated into the game as characters. You can use your very own NFT as a character in this very exciting virtual world! Players will be able to use their NFTs to get discounts on in game purchases for additional characteristics. VIP access will be given! Many more adventure like aspects will be added into the game. 


Pepito aims to really bring value to the investors and traders. With real world use cases, marketability / brand ability, and many other things in the works; Pepito will be set to take the crypto world by storm! It can through a game in development, future thoughts about creating an LLC to open up various businesses related to the brand and logo, bringing in merchandise, and much more utilities previously outlined above. Pepito ($PEPI) can really have a bright future in these exciting times in the crypto world. So, take a look, and see what Pepito is about. And remember: It's frog season! 

*Please note that, as the contract has not been renounced, changes to the tokenomics and other features can be made at any time by the developer to sustain the growth of the project. For more information, you may visit the Pepito website, or read their whitepaper. You may also join their Telegram, or visit their Twitter.

*Legal Disclaimer: The information contained in this article and the resources available in this article are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, financial investment advice. We have done our best to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and provides valuable information. Regardless of anything to the contrary, nothing available on or through anything Pepito related should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a financial professional to address your particular information. The crypto Defi space carries risk (just like any investment), and in no way, shape, or form will Pepito or anyone associated be held responsible for your financial decisions!






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