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Frontegg Unveils Entitlements Engine, Transforming the Landscape of Identity Management
[May 30, 2023]

Frontegg Unveils Entitlements Engine, Transforming the Landscape of Identity Management

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Frontegg, a leading customer identity and access management provider for SaaS companies, today announced the launch of its Entitlements Engine, powered by unique Context-Aware Logic Controls™ (CALC™) technology. Entitlements Engine provides app builders and revenue teams with fine-grained feature authorization designed to meet modern SaaS builders’ need for speed of deployment and flexibility.

Frontegg delivers this capability through a visual dashboard that allows non-technical users to design product bundles in minutes without adding additional code, complex configurations or products from other vendors. This shift unlocks the creativity of product and business teams to leverage customer identity and access management to drive new business and revenue growth through limitless customized product offerings.

“The old way of building SaaS apps required the use of many different solutions to solve in-app entitlements — role-based access control (RBAC), attribute-based access control (ABAC), feature flag management, subscription management, free trial provisioning anomaly detection, and others. It required a lot of APIs and working with many different vendors,” explains Sagi Rodin, CEO and co-founder of Frontegg. “With our CALC™ powered Entitlements Engine, we provide all this functionality and more in a single API. We can do this because we have the contextual awareness to make the right decision based on business logic — which users can access which feature, field, or API — automatically.”

Powerful Simplicity with Frontegg Entitlements Engine
By making entitlement changes as simple as toggling a button, the Frontegg Entitlements Engine gives engineering, product, and business teams the power to create endless customizations for customers, including:

  • Fine-grained free-trial management
  • Feature flag control for permissions down to the individual user
  • Metered, per-seat, and time-boxed assignment of entitlements
  • DIY and user-based entitlements assignment for SaaS resellers and channels
  • Powerful attribute-based access control for full customization of logic

Development teams that deploy the Frontegg Entitlement Engine can focus on unique value-added features while stll delivering best-in-class core identity and security capabilities. Business and product teams that use Entitlement Engine can transform identity management into incremental revenue and sales by allowing anyone to create new product variations in minutes — customized free trials, metered or seat-based access packages, DIY security and account access policies, and fine-grained feature access by team or account. For example, sales teams can request special free-trial arrangements for small groups of users or unlock new feature access for customer VIPs in minutes rather than waiting days or weeks.

In addition to providing value to product, revenue and engineering teams, the Entitlements Engine can also provide value to security-oriented personas within SaaS companies. CALC™ also takes security context into account, tapping real-time identity attributes such as geolocation, impossible travel, device type, network signature, and client version to determine when to block users or when to require additional measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or biometrics.

“Agile and smart management of entitlements is essential to the success of a SaaS company. Especially in these turbulent times you need to stay competitive and adaptable to your customers’ needs, as they will be demanding more flexibility in pricing, feature enablement, and trial management,” says Rodin. “With the Entitlement Engine, SaaS builders can easily wrap features and set up business logic controls that become a powerful tool for driving revenue.”

The benefits of this new approach include reduced complexity, more agile and efficient development, and better security.

“Before, we had one tool for RBAC, another for feature flag management, and we know that in the near future we will need another one for subscription and free-trial management. When we needed to add an extra security layer, we had to deploy yet another solution. It was hard to manage, expensive, and inflexible,” says Ofir Assif, Director of Engineering at Hunters Security. “With the Entitlements Engine, we get all this functionality in a single API. That lets our customers manage their entitlements themselves without filing a ticket or needing additional code. Even non-technical users can design and deploy complicated new entitlements packages in minutes. It’s awesome.”

The Entitlements Engine further extends Frontegg’s market-leading identity management capabilities, adding to its comprehensive product suite that also offers authentication, onboarding flow design, user management, self-serve account management, and other critical capabilities for SaaS app builders. Collectively, Frontegg’s platform provides SaaS product, engineering, and business teams with all the critical tools they need to create, operate, scale, secure, and grow a SaaS business — even for complex use cases like multi-tenancy, resellers, and user-defined security policies.

Frontegg will showcase its identity platform and the new Entitlements Engine at the Identiverse Conference, May 30 - June 2, in Las Vegas at Booth 1418.

About Frontegg
Frontegg empowers modern SaaS companies to elevate customer identity management as a strategic driver, enhancing both security and user experience. As one of the top-ranked CIAM platforms, recognized by G2 Crowd, Frontegg offers a comprehensive suite of identity management functionalities. From seamless onboarding flows and advanced user entitlements to robust authorization, role management, account security measures, and multi-tenancy support, Frontegg equips SaaS companies with all the essential tools. By implementing Frontegg, businesses can shift their identity management processes left, enabling customers to design and customize their own experiences effortlessly, without the need for additional code or engineering resources. Founded in 2019 by CEO Sagi Rodin and CTO Aviad Mizrachi, Frontegg has secured $70 million in funding from esteemed global venture capital firms. Today, it serves as the trusted identity and user management infrastructure for leading SaaS companies worldwide, spanning from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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