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360ofme Announces Relaunch of Ethical Data Exchange Platform with New Capabilities Ensuring Data Privacy and Security
[May 25, 2023]

360ofme Announces Relaunch of Ethical Data Exchange Platform with New Capabilities Ensuring Data Privacy and Security

Watch how 360ofme is transforming the paradigm of personal data ownership by rebuilding trust between ethical businesses and consumers as showcased on PBS Viewpoint.

DETROIT, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 360ofme Inc., the trusted personal data exchange platform provider, announced today the relaunch of its new capabilities and goals to revolutionize securely storing, sharing, providing insights, and monetizing data between businesses and consumers. The relaunch was announced in a TV segment on PBS' Viewpoint Project, hosted by Dennis Quaid.

Data is a valuable commodity in the economic landscape today and companies are under increasing regulatory pressure to ensure data privacy and security. Additionally, consumer skepticism and the emerging need to protect their digital footprint are urging businesses to take unprecedented action to secure and protect personal information.

According to Accenture, 80% of consumers do not trust the use of their personal data, and 87% do not believe there are adequate safeguards in place to protect their personal information. 360ofme aims to shift the paradigm around personal data from a commodity held and harnessed by enterprises into a product that unlocks the value that a user's data creates for them. 

360ofme's first-in-kind platform enables users to curate, protect, analyze, share, and monetize their personal data on their terms and for their benefit while enabling businesses to provide insights and revenue through an anonymized data exchange. Imagine a world where users could continuously monitor their risk for heart disease with real-time data, take proactive measures to plan for their retirement, or stay up to date on necessary maintenance for their vehicles without having to leave their homes. For the first time, users can take control of their digital footprint and unlock its potential by capturing insight that increase their overall well-being.

Originally launched in 2016, 360ofme was ahead of its time in terms of its priority on consumer data privacy and understanding the power of personal data to make a meaningful impact in people's lives. The shift in focus on data privacy seen today from a regulatory, consumer, and business standpoint was the gateway that opened a great opportunity and the right timing for 360ofme to relaunch in 2023. In addition to perspective shifts, the foundational technology for 360ofme is now made possible through its partnership with Skyflow, which has built the world's first commercially available, easy to implement data privacy vault. Skyflow Data Privacy Vault comprises the foundational infrastructure that enables 360ofme's vision to come to life, an unprecedented technological leap.

360ofme not only has ambitions to create a world where a user's data can drive insights that fundamentally benefit their life, but the company is committed to being a catalyst for social good in everything they do. Founder and CEO Cindy Warner says "The way we set up the company was as a social enterprise... We will give 1% of our profits to help people in need, we will give 1% of our people's time to people in need, and we will give 1% of our product to people in need so they can use it to exchange their data, create trust, and create consumer data privacy. For us, this is the foundation of the company and the reason we exist." Cindy has spent the last 15 years of her career as a thought leader in the development of strategies to leverage cloud computing to drive change, leading organizations at Amazon Web Services, NetApp, IBM, PwC, Salesforce, and EY/Cap Gemini. To learn more about 360ofme's mission and the innovative technology behind the platform, visit today.

About 360ofme Inc.

As a trusted personal data exchange platform, 360ofme is committed to transforming the paradigm of personal data ownership by rebuilding trust between ethical businesses and consumers. Based on low-code, secure and compliant technology, the platform allows for personal data to be protected, curated, and monetized while end consumers retain full control of their information. At the core, 360ofme's goal is to solve for increased privacy regulations while adding value to both businesses and consumers. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Skyflow

Skyflow is a data privacy vault company built to radically simplify how companies isolate, protect and govern their customers' most sensitive data. With its global network of data privacy vaults, Skyflow helps companies meet complex data localization requirements. Skyflow customers span verticals like fintech, retail, travel, and healthcare. Skyflow is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and was founded in 2019. For more information, visit  or follow on Twitter  and LinkedIn .

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