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RealWork Labs Launches the World's First Neighborhood Brand Platform, Crux Revolutionizing the Home Service Business Industry
[May 25, 2023]

RealWork Labs Launches the World's First Neighborhood Brand Platform, Crux Revolutionizing the Home Service Business Industry

AUSTIN, Texas, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- RealWork Labs, a revolution in Field Software, has announced the launch of the world's first Neighborhood Brand Platform (NBP), Crux, designed to empower Home Service Businesses to establish a stronger brand identity at the local level. The platform combines job descriptions, multimedia, customer reviews, and location data, providing HSBs with the necessary tools to build trust, establish a neighborhood brand voice, and increase revenue opportunities in their local communities.

Current marketing solutions like online ads, SEO agencies, and lead generation platforms struggle to effectively replicate the power of word-of-mouth referrals between neighbors, which are highly relevant and trusted in the HSB industry. However, by leveraging content and consumer feedback derived from their quality work in customers' neighborhoods, HSBs can bring their local brands online and create an authentic online presence that resonates with potential customers and drives engagement.

Crux emphasizes that great work should be the driving factor for success rather than the amount spent on marketing campaigns. The platform enables HSBs to showcase their work to their neighbors who value quality and rely on word-of-mouth referrals, establishing a unique and powerful solution for embracing the future of digital marketing.

"Homeowners always prefer a referral to a contractor, and 90% of contractors' businesses are powered by referrals. This is a fact the internet of today and wesites have brushed off for far too long- people want a real contractor they can trust based on the work they've done nearby, not where their office is located. Neighborhood Branding just makes common sense to us. Neighbors want to trust what they are seeing is real and nearby, and contractors want to let their quality work and customers do their selling for them, and until now, that's just never happened online. When you connect the dots like a Google review, photos of the job you did, and where it happened, you drive more meaning. It's exactly why we named the platform after the constellation Crux, constellations are immensely meaningful, but really just a bunch of points tied together." - Pierce Birkhold CEO/ co-founder.

The process begins with jobs posted to an interactive map widget on HSBs' websites, which combines multimedia and customer reviews. This widget provides potential customers with an easy way to see visible proof of work done in their neighborhood, building the trust and relevance necessary for converting homeowners into actual customers.

"We're excited about the value this release brings to our current and future customers. With a redesigned mobile app and customer dashboard, we've streamlined the approach to capture and manage project work, request reviews, post to Google and track the return on investment in ways not previously seen for HSB's." - Rusty Fincke CEO/ co-founder.

Crux is committed to continued evolution and growth, adding more customer value as it does. This year, Crux will roll out in stages. The Crux Mobile and Desktop app will launch first, followed by integrating Crux platform features with other systems businesses use. This integration will lead to 80%-100% of the system becoming automated, saving businesses time and effort. Later this year, Crux will introduce new automated features for requesting reviews and video testimonials.

Crux is a force amplifier for a business's web presence, setting it apart from the competition in its neighborhood. Join the revolution and experience the benefits of the world's first Neighborhood Brand Platform - Crux.

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About RealWork Labs
RealWork Labs is a revolutionary field software transforming how the home service industry connects with customers. Our software, Crux, is the world's first Neighborhood Brand Platform (NBP), showcasing real work done by real people. It features customer reviews, location data, and imagery of work presented through a service-area-based map on your website. We establish Home Service Businesses' (HSBs) online presence as credible and aligned with the evolving standards of the internet. With RealWork Labs, you can strengthen your online presence, differentiate yourself from the competition, and thrive in the digital marketplace.

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