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Celonis Launches New Process Mining Innovations to Deliver Fast, Substantial Value to Customers
[May 23, 2023]

Celonis Launches New Process Mining Innovations to Deliver Fast, Substantial Value to Customers

Celonis, the global leader in Process Mining, today showcases a series of powerful new product capabilities that enable companies to rapidly find and capture business value within their processes. At the Celonis World Tour 2023 - that kicked off today in Munich, Germany - the company demonstrates how it helps its customers to improve the performance of their core business processes. The new features demonstrate how the company has extended and enhanced its core platform and underscore how Celonis continues to reinvent process mining.

Object-Centric Data Model

Following on from the launch of Object-Centric Process Mining at Celosphere 2022, Celonis now introduces the Object-Centric Data Model, a new and powerful single data representation of an entire business that enables companies to dramatically accelerate the speed with which they can model their process data, gain critical insights, and take action to start realizing value. Celonis' Object-Centric Data Model reduces the work needed to transform the data from source systems and operates side by side with Event Log Data Models, making the transition non-disruptive. It also powers Celonis' new End-to-End Lead Times App - also launching today - which enables supply chain leaders to fully comprehend end-to-end lead times and understand the impact of each process to accelerate cash conversion and exceed service levels.

Benefits of Celonis' Object-Centric Data Model include:

  • Simplicity. Businesses can work with a data model that uses the same language they do - for invoices, orders, deliveries - rather than the language of source systems, to better model the business;
  • System agnosticity. Companies can take advantage of Celonis' apps and process content, no matter which ERP, SCM, CRM or other source system they use, leveraging standardized business definitions and prebuilt transformations for core processes;
  • Flexibility. With traditional process mining, a business needs a data model for each process it wants to examine. With the new object-centric data model, organizations can dynamically adjust process analyses, switching perspectives from process to process without needing to go back to the source data. This significantly reduces onboarding time, and allows organizations to get to insights and key actions much faster.

"I look forward to extending our usage of Celonis' market-leading process mining solution throughout our organization," said Travis Cain, Senior Director Enterprise Architecture & Data Science Experience for Dell Technologies. "The Celonis Execution Management System has already provided us with tremendous benefits, including the ability to more easily find bottlenecks in our processes and get to deeper business insights more quickly. Using Celonis' process mining capabilities gives us insights into the complexity of our operation and helps us to drive rapid business value by improving the performance of our core business processes."

"Object-centric process mining allows users to easily navigate through processes based on real-life objects and events, and fully unleashes the power of process mining," said Alex Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO at Celonis. "Customers can build and interact with their data more naturally, in a way they are already familiar with. With this new expanded data foundation, as well as the additional capabilities we are unveiling during this year's World Tour, I am thrilled to show customers how Celonis provides them with unparalleled visibility, helps them disseminate process intelligence, and enables intelligent actions across the enterprise."

An Intuitive Platform: Process Intelligence Accessible to All Users

Celonis Business Miner, the industry's first intelligent process investigation technology and collaboration workspace, arms every business user with a breakthrough new way to easily, and independently investigate, communicate, and team up around process problems and opportunities. With it, Celonis deepens and democratizes the power of process mining so that everyone in an organization, not just analysts, can understand and improve process performance. No technical background is needed to be able to take advantage of process mining.

Celonis Business Miner is now generally available with process-specific explorations in Celonis' core processes: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Procurement, and Order Management, as well as for additional process-agnostic explorations that focus on topics like cycle times, rework, and undesired activities.

With its intuitive question-and-answer-based exploration that provides quick and consumable insights, Celonis makes this powerful communication and collaboration tool accessible to all users with a Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) license, enabling unparalleled scalability and performance.

An Open Platform: Intelligence API

Celonis is also focused on providing its customers with an open platform - a critical strength recently recognized by Gartner.

First announced at Celosphere 2022 and generally available since March 2023, the Celonis Intelligence API is designed to provide governed access to Celonis process intelligence for use within third party applications.

The Intelligence API enables Celonis to bring unique process intelligence to tools as varied as PowerBI for reporting at scale, Slack for instant communication about process insights, and ServiceNow for rapid action triggered by process mining. Celonis itself uses Intelligence API to surface critical process insights within Salesforce to help its teams within software environments where they already work.

This makes the Intelligence API more open and accessible to an entire organization and enables intelligent orchestration and process-intelligent applications. Emporix, who launched their Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) at Celosphere 2022, are pioneering in this space. The Emporix CXP is a workflow engine that helps organizations optimize their business outcomes by leveraging process insights from Celonis.

Celonis provides the process context while Emporix orchestrates the end customer's experience and interactions so that Emporix is delivering a better, more tailored customer experience as well as more efficient and cost-effective operations for customers.

Furthermore, the Intelligence API is a key component of Celonis' platform strategy, as the company continuously aims to deliver a more intuitive, more open and more intelligent platform to its customers.

"The current macroeconomic climate demands better ways of working, which means organizations urgently need to improve their core business processes," says R "Ray" Wang, CEO and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc. "Processes are the fabric of every business, but many do not deliver much value - if any. With features such as the Object-Centric Data Model, Business Miner, and Intelligence APIs, customers can rapidly improve processes to achieve cost savings, increase customer satisfaction, meet regulatory requirements and boost overall performance."

The Celonis World Tour kicks off on May 23 and covers 10 stops across the US, Europe and Japan. It is Celonis' global process mining roadshow where customers, prospects and partners share how, with Celonis, they are able to find and capture business value within processes, enabling them to perform at levels they never thought possible. The Celonis World Tour kicked off shortly after Celonis was named a leader in Gartner's® first-ever Magic Quadrant for Process Mining Tools. The report catapulted process mining into C-level consciousness and placed Celonis highest and farthest to the right on both axes, Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

About Celonis

Celonis enables customers to optimize their business processes. Powered by its leading process mining technology, Celonis provides a unique set of capabilities for business executives and users to continuously find improvement opportunities within and across processes, and execute targeted actions to rapidly enhance process performance. This optimization yields immediate cash impact, radically improves customer experience, and reduces carbon emissions. Celonis has thousands of implementations with global customers and is headquartered in Munich, Germany and New York City, USA with more than 20 offices worldwide.

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