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Hybrid Work Goes Italian: Vodafone Business and RingCentral Redefine Communication
[May 15, 2023]

Hybrid Work Goes Italian: Vodafone Business and RingCentral Redefine Communication

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Business digital transformation has accelerated during the past few years, with remote and hybrid work models becoming the norm rather than the exception. One key development that is making remote work situations effective is the growing adoption of Unified Communications (News - Alert)-as-a -Service. UCaaS has been touted as a game-changer for modern businesses with the way providers integrate voice, video, messaging, and collaboration functions into a single platform, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration, regardless of location, device, or network.

One very recent example is the partnership between Vodafone (News - Alert) Business and RingCentral in Italy. This collaboration has given birth to Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral, a fully cloud-based, integrated communications solution that merges RingCentral's (News - Alert) AI-powered enterprise cloud communications and collaboration tools with Vodafone's fixed and mobile voice communications. Now available in Italy, the solution is designed to power hybrid work models for businesses of all sizes.

The Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral platform offers businesses a versatile and affordable tool for enhancing collaboration and communication amongst employees, customers, and suppliers, no matter where they are or when they need to connect. It is truly built for the modern workforce, offering an array of capabilities from instant messaging and HD video conferencing to file sharing and task management across desktop and mobile devices - everything workers need to be productive anywhere.

According to Lorenzo Forina, Director of Vodafone Business Italia, the solution is a response to the changing needs of businesses.

"With the launch of Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral, we are providing companies with a tool to simplify communications and make business processes more flexible and the work of their employees more agile," Forina says. "This platform, which is rooted in the global collaboration with RingCentral, will allow people to work effectively and collaboratively wherever they are, and allow companies to take another step forward in migrating to the cloud in their digital transition journey."

For companies to thrive in today's fast-paced digital landscape, having the right tools for effective collaboration and communication is essential. UCaaS solutions like Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral are designed to meet this demand. The solution can be integrated into a company's existing application infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of business processes and remote working. It also offers a unified experience across various devices, enabling business phone numbers on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

The growth of UCaaS adoption is driven by its myriad benefits, which include cost savings, increased productivity, improved collaboration, and enhanced customer service. As businesses continue to navigate the realities of a hybrid workforce, solutions that offer seamless and integrated communication and collaboration tools will be invaluable.

Moreover, the Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral platform extends the potential and flexibility of fixed network and cloud communications offers, providing companies with a tool to manage their employees' remote working more efficiently, digitize the workplace, and expand their business into the cloud.

Yves Desmet, SVP Global Service Providers EMEA, RingCentral, also commented on the partnership: "At RingCentral, we are focused on giving our customers the right tools to perform their jobs with the highest level of efficiency and productivity. Businesses know that team messaging, video meetings, and cloud phone are crucial for workplace productivity. Combining RingCentral's cloud communications with Vodafone Italy's leadership in mobility, 5G, and fixed network unlocks new ways for companies to grow and run their businesses."

This strategic partnership on a global scale is aimed at providing new cloud-based communication services to enhance collaboration and communication for businesses of all sizes in several countries, including the UK, Germany, and Italy. As hybrid work continues to define the future of work, such collaborations will play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to adapt and thrive.

Partnerships like this one are a testament to the rapid advances in communication technology. The digital age has ushered in a new era where the lines between physical and virtual workspaces are increasingly blurred. In this environment, effective and efficient communication becomes not just a necessity, but a critical competitive advantage.

The value of UCaaS for businesses lies in its potential to streamline communication and collaboration, irrespective of geographical boundaries or time zones. In the context of a modern workforce that is increasingly dispersed, this can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. It allows for real-time collaboration, reducing delays and improving the quality of outputs. Moreover, by integrating different communication channels into a single platform, UCaaS reduces complexity, making it easier for employees to connect and collaborate.

Beyond the immediate benefits for employees, UCaaS also holds substantial value for businesses from a strategic standpoint. By adopting cloud-based communication solutions, businesses can ensure continuity and resilience, crucial in an age of rapid change and uncertainty. Additionally, the scalability of UCaaS solutions means that they can grow alongside the business, adapting to changing needs and demands without the need for significant capital investment.

The future of work is here, and it is hybrid, flexible, and cloud-based. Businesses that can adapt and leverage the capabilities of solutions like Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral will be well-positioned to thrive. As the boundaries of the workplace continue to evolve, the companies that can successfully navigate these changes will be the ones that can effectively harness the power of UCaaS to transform their communication practices and, by extension, their business operations.

Edited by Erik Linask

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