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TeraSky and VMware: Advancing Cloud Services with Cross-Cloud Managed Solutions
[May 12, 2023]

TeraSky and VMware: Advancing Cloud Services with Cross-Cloud Managed Solutions

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In an era where companies are increasingly migrating their workloads to the cloud, managing these environments efficiently and cost-effectively is crucial. This shift towards a multi-cloud strategy has driven the demand for comprehensive managed services that can ensure smooth and seamless cloud operations. Responding to this need, TeraSky, a global multi-cloud, cloud-native and modern IT innovative technology solutions provider, has announced its journey towards becoming a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider. VMware announced its Cross-Cloud Managed Services at the end of last month, as reported by TMC (News - Alert)'s Greg Tavarez.

The Israel-based company, which has been a design partner for VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, is now working towards achieving the Managed Services Specialization and earning the VMware Cross-Cloud managed services badge. This significant move not only reaffirms TeraSky's commitment to enhancing its service offerings but also positions the company to help customers maximize their investments in VMware technology.

TeraSky's plan includes building a Validated Service Offering that encompasses all five VMware prescriptive offers, including: Cross-Cloud Managed Services for:

  • Private and Managed Provider Clouds,
  • Public Cloud,
  • Centralized Governance,
  • Cost Optimization, and
  • Cloud Native App Delivery.

With this broad range of services, TeraSky aims to improve operational intelligence across multi-cloud environments, control rogue costs through FinOps services adoption, and automate modern DevSecOps platform operations across multiple clouds.

'As organizations worldwide continue to grapple with the complexity of new technologies, managed services have emerged as an essential requirement for successful digital transformation,' said Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky. 'Becoming a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Service Provider is perfectly aligned with our mission to help organizations tackle these complexities so they can transform with confidence.'

According to Gartner (News - Alert), by 2025, up to 80% of organizations will overshoot their cloud IaaS budgets due to a lack of cost optimization approaches. This statistic underscores the importance of services like TeraSky's proposed Validated Service Offering, which includes cost optimization as a key element.

The move also addresses a critical issue in the tech world - the IT skills gap. The demand for high-level IT skills often outstrips supply, but managed services can help bridge this gap by providing expert resources and support for organizations on their digital transformation journeys.

TeraSky's dedication to VMware technology is evident in its achievement of seven Master Service Competencies (MSCs), a rare accomplishment among VMware partners worldwide. Furthermore, 14 TeraSky engineers were recognized as VMware vExperts earlier this year, and the company has won multiple awards, including the 2021 VMware Partner of the Year Award (worldwide), the 2022 VMware Social Impact Award winner (EMEA region), and the 2023 VMware Partner Value Award winner (EMEA region).

Zia Yusuf, senior vice president, strategic ecosystem and industry solutions, VMware, commented on the partnership: 'With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, customers will have access to a prescriptive set of partner-managed services to meet their modernization objectives. TeraSky, as a proven expert in both cloud-native applications and cloud infrastructure, can ultimately help customers adopt Cross-Cloud managed services to become cloud smart by matching their applications to the best cloud environment.'

By becoming a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider, TeraSky is poised to strengthen its position as a trusted authority on VMware solutions. This transition is expected to provide a range of benefits to its customers, such as technical excellence, operational efficiency, cost savings, and addressing IT skills gaps.

The impact of TeraSky's move towards becoming a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider could potentially ripple across the industry. It highlights a broader trend of IT service providers leveraging cloud technologies to offer more comprehensive and efficient solutions to their clients.

The cloud market has been evolving rapidly, driven by emerging technologies and the ongoing digital transformation of businesses. As these changes continue to reshape the industry, managed services providers like TeraSky are adapting and innovating to meet the new demands and challenges.

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