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Shaping the Future of Work: NexGen Virtual and Webex Redefine Hybrid Collaboration
[May 09, 2023]

Shaping the Future of Work: NexGen Virtual and Webex Redefine Hybrid Collaboration

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As the landscape of work continues to be reshaped by the dual pressures of technological advancements and the demand for flexibility, hybrid work experiences are becoming the new normal. The trend was already emerging, but was accelerated massively - pretty much overnight - by the global health crisis in March 2020, pushing businesses to adapt rapidly to maintain productivity and staff morale. As a result, virtual workspaces that facilitate seamless, secure, and highly collaborative environments are increasingly crucial.

In this evolving environment, NexGen Virtual and Webex, a Cisco (News - Alert) service, have announced a strategic partnership, combining their respective strengths to create a more dynamic and secure hybrid work experience.
Webex by Cisco offers a comprehensive suite of services, including video meetings, messaging, events, customer experience solutions such as contact center, and purpose-built collaboration devices. With a focus on delivering inclusive collaboration experiences, Webex leverages AI and machine learning to bridge the barriers of geography, language, personality, and familiarity with technology. Underpinned by a strong commitment to security and privacy, Webex offers a unified application and interface that integrates with popular business and productivity apps.

On the other hand, NexGen Virtual has been making a name for itself with its Virtual Office App, which provides a robust platform for businesses to manage their operations remotely. NexGen's platform offers a 3D virtual office environment, complete with custom floor plans, that mimics the sense of being physically in the office. This environment enables employees and management to see who's available, allowing for spontaneous meetings and real-time collaboration, all while eliminating the overhead costs and commute times associated with a physical workspace.
Through their partnership, the two seek to enhance the hybrid work experience of Webex users by integrating the features of NexGen's Virtual Office App. With a single sign-on, Webex users can access NexGen Virtual's features and functions, enabling seamless collaboration and management of productive global teams. This integration gives employees and management a sense of place and presence, even when working remotely.
Beyond providing a virtual space for interaction, the NexGen Virtual platform also boasts advanced features for secure document and video sharing, live chat, screensharing, and built-in recording, ensuring that no meeting is ever missed. These features are encrypted, reinforcing the platform's commitment to secure collaboration.
Joseph Jacoboni, Chief Executive Officer of NexGen Virtual, has expressed excitement about the partnership. 'NexGen Virtual Webex is the standard of hybrid working culture,' he said. 'Our collective teams have worked diligently together to make this integration happen quickly and seamlessly. We celebrate this continued partnership with Webex and are looking forward to welcoming more Webex users to enjoy all the transformative features and functions we have to offer.'
In the broader context, this partnership is a notable development in the hybrid work sector. As businesses navigate the challenges of maintaining productivity, fostering team relationships, and ensuring employee engagement in a remote or hybrid setting, solutions like the one offered by NexGen Virtual and Webex may prove invaluable in creating more inclusive, engaging, virtual collaboration environments.
The partnership between NexGen Virtual and Webex is more than just an integration of services; it is a testament to the evolving landscape of work and a glimpse into the future of hybrid workplaces. This collaboration sets a new standard in the world of hybrid work, enhancing productivity, fostering team relationships, and empowering global workforces. As businesses worldwide continue to adjust and adapt to the demands of a hybrid workforce, partnerships like this one set the stage for a more flexible, efficient, and secure future of work.
This trend towards remote and hybrid work isn't going away.  While the percentage of remote workers is down from its peak, this is likely at least partially attributable to employment rates increasing again since the peak of the pandemic.  Certainly, some employees also prefer working in the office.  But, based on most reports, more than half of the workforce continues to work remotely or in a hybrid capacity.  In this new world of work, companies that offer comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly virtual workspaces will play an increasingly important role in defining the future of work.
In fact, the hybrid work model embraced by companies like NexGen Virtual and Webex, isn't just about working from home or the office; it's about working from anywhere and maintaining the same level of productivity and engagement. This is where the virtual workspace steps in, bridging the gap between remote and on-site employees, and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.
Of course, security can never be overstated as cyber threats continue to evolve and increase. The integration of advanced features such as secure document and video sharing, live chat, screen sharing, and built-in recording, all within an encrypted virtual platform, underscore the commitment of  both companies to protecting sensitive business information. This, coupled with the convenience of single sign-on, adds to the appeal of the NexGen Virtual-Webex solution for businesses seeking to create a secure and efficient hybrid work environment.
By combining the robust and intuitive NexGen Virtual platform with Webex's comprehensive suite of collaboration tools, this partnership has effectively created a one-stop solution for businesses adapting to the new world of work. It offers a blueprint for how businesses can leverage technology to create a hybrid work environment that is not only efficient and productive but also conducive to a positive workplace culture. 
In a time when businesses are reimagining their operations to align with the changing dynamics of work, the NexGen Virtual-Webex partnership could well be a game-changer. As more organizations recognize the value of hybrid work models, collaborations like this one will undoubtedly set the pace for future innovations in this space.
It could serve as a model for other tech companies seeking to enhance the hybrid work experience. By prioritizing seamless integration, user-friendly interfaces, and robust security measures, they have managed to deliver a solution that meets the needs of modern businesses. In the evolving landscape of hybrid work, such collaborations are not just desirable; they are essential.
The future of work is here, and it's hybrid. As we navigate this new landscape, partnerships such as the one between NexGen Virtual and Webex will continue to play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of what it means to work in the 21st century.

Edited by Erik Linask

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