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Wrike's Work Intelligence Solution Takes Collaborative Work Management to the Next Level
[May 03, 2023]

Wrike's Work Intelligence Solution Takes Collaborative Work Management to the Next Level

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Wrike, a work management platform and one of the pioneers in artificial intelligence (AI) for the collaborative work management industry, has announced an expansion of its Work Intelligence solution that includes new advancements in AI. The company has invested in leveraging AI, machine learning (ML), and automation to develop intelligent capabilities that automate work so teams can be more productive and outcomes oriented.

Wrike's smart AI-powered features designed for any work environment, including desktop, browser, and mobile, and Wrike's work graph, which leverages data from millions of projects, is the backbone of its predictive and adaptive AI technologies. Wrike is now evolving to include new breakthroughs like generative AI, and it couldn't be better timed.

The company's Work Intelligence solution is made up of features such as AI Recommended Tasks, AI Project Risk Prediction, AI Subitem Creation, AI Workspace Search, mobile voice command, and document scanning and text recognition.

In 2023, Wrike plans to expand this feature set and further cement its leadership with the launch of additional intelligent features, starting with description summarization, text generation, and text editing powered by AI. Customers will be able to easily manipulate text with the click of a button, summarizing long bodies of copy, correcting mistakes, translating text, generating a reply, and more. These features automate otherwise tedious tasks and present information in digestible ways for quick context.

Wrike is committed to working closely with its customers to build on valuable AI features that will enable them to deliver results faster. In the last year, the platform has seen consistent quarter-over-quarter growth in project risk prediction usage and AI-recommended tasks as customers continue to take advantage of automation to prioritize their work. The new AI capabilities will enable organizations to continue to improve team and cross-functional workflows and streamline projects and tasks, while providing tailored solutions to tackle today's business challenges.

Wrike has delivered significant user interface improvements to its Wrike Lightspeed platform, including a reimagined look and feel with a new workspace offering streamlined navigation, flexible layouts, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Wrike's journey began when Founder and CEO Andrew Filev sought a better way to manage his team's projects. A technology entrepreneur, Filev's team was scattered across multiple offices and time zones. They were facing the problem of collaboration and communication that would be familiar to anyone who has worked in a distributed team.

In 2006, Filev founded Wrike, to help teams collaborate more effectively. Wrike was one of the first work management platforms to use cloud-based technology to allow remote teams to work together on projects.

Over the years, Wrike has continued to innovate and evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers. One of the more significant developments has been the integration of artificial intelligence into its platform. Since 2017, Wrike has invested in leveraging AI, ML, and automation to develop intelligent capabilities that automate work.

"Conversations happening in the boardroom and among business decision makers are focused on operational efficiency, and the impact of those discussions is felt across the organization," said Filev. "Naturally, we're looking to advancements in AI, machine learning, and automation to contribute to improved efficiency. What we're seeing now is hockey stick growth in the pace of adoption. Just last year, we found that 86% of enterprises are planning to invest in AI. We're fortunate to not only have a head start in the great AI race but a clear vision for the future of Wrike AI. Intelligent work management is already here."

With the expansion of its Work Intelligence solution, Wrike aims to maintain its position as a work management platform by investing in AI capabilities that continue to improve the user experience and enable businesses to streamline their workflows and increase their productivity.

As more and more companies recognize the value of AI in improving their operational efficiency, it is no surprise that Wrike is one of the companies at the forefront of this trend. With its AI features, Wrike's Work Intelligence solution empowers businesses to automate tedious tasks and gain quick context on important information, allowing them to focus on high-value work that supports their overall objectives.

The expansion of Wrike's AI capabilities will only further enhance the platform's offerings and allow businesses to work smarter, not harder.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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