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Airship Unveils New App Experience Platform Innovations to Enhance Customer Experience
[May 01, 2023]

Airship Unveils New App Experience Platform Innovations to Enhance Customer Experience

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Earnings reports and industry research show mobile apps are the digital center of customer experience, generating more than three times greater revenue from app customers than non-app customers. Despite this value creation opportunity, many brands haven't improved app retention rates in years. App teams remain too reliant on precious development resources to make improvements that would change this dynamic. It's a big problem.

Every week nearly three-quarters of marketers and mobile product owners think about enhancements to better onboard, activate and understand app users, but 48 out of 50 rely on developers to make improvements happen.

Nearly 40% of enterprise developers say requests from marketing and product teams take "a month" or "multiple months," and only 12% of enterprise marketers say all their requests are implemented.

Despite all marketers and mobile product owners agreeing that feature tutorials and opt-in flows significantly impact app user behaviors, nearly 50% of enterprises only improve these critical first experiences quarterly or less often.

To solve this bottleneck and help unleash more value, mobile app experience company Airship announced major innovations to its App Experience Platform including a new foundational no-code native app editing engine simply called App Experience Editor.

Together with Airship's enhancements in email marketing, cross-channel journey orchestration, and intelligent content creation, app teams can quickly design, deploy, and iterate native app experiences and campaigns without ongoing developer support or app updates. They can also unify the customer journey inside and outside of the app to seamlessly enhance customer experiences, freeing developers to focus on the next market-differentiating app features.

Airship has a history of empowering brands to build customer relationships through mobile channels. The company was founded in 2009 as Urban Airship (News - Alert), focused initially on mobile push notifications. Since then, Airship has expanded its services to include in-app messaging, web notifications, email, SMS, wallet, and automation capabilities. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation as a leader in mobile marketing automation and customer engagement.

Airship's new no-code App Experience Editor aims to solve a problem that has long been a pain point for mobile app teams. Historically, mobile app development and optimization have been resource-intensive processes that require significant developer time and expertise. This has resulted in long wait times for marketers and mobile product owners who want to make improvements to app experiences, causing frustration and lost revenue opportunities. With the App Experience Editor, Airship is giving brands the ability to create and optimize high-value app experiences themselves with full native performance, accessibility, and measurement.

Airship Journeys offers a centralized platform for managing customer journeys across app experiences and campaigns. It provides easy-to-understand visualizations of performance and enables users to make changes quickly with just a few clicks. To streamline content testing and optimization, Airship has integrated OpenAI within its message composer, which generates unlimited variations of content, including localized content in different languages.

Moreover, Airship Email has undergone significant upgrades to support complex segmentation, personalization, and testing strategies. It also features deliverability monitoring, suppression management for compliance, and email rendering across hundreds of email clients, browsers, and devices. The no-code, drag-and-drop email editor interface gives marketers complete control over design.

Airship Coupons allows users to create personalized promo codes for highly targeted offers across various channels, including in-app message centers, mobile wallets, ads, emails, and physical stores. The NBA's Phoenix Suns have partnered with FanDuel to offer paperless special promotions using Airship's App Experience Platform's unique capabilities.

Airship's innovations in mobile app experience come at a critical time for brands looking to optimize customer engagement. As mobile apps become an increasingly important touchpoint for brands, competition for users' attention and loyalty has never been more fierce. According to App Annie's 2021 State of Mobile report, mobile app usage grew by 7% globally in 2020, and consumer spending on mobile apps reached $143 billion. Brands that are slow to adapt to this trend risk losing out on significant revenue opportunities.

In a statement, Michael Brown (News - Alert), Vice President of Innovation at SXSW, praised Airship's App Experience Editor for making it possible for the entire team to create and optimize several multi-screen app onboarding experiences in minutes not months, without developer resources or app updates. This is a significant improvement over previous processes, which required months of lead time for app experience changes.

Similarly, Gareth Main, Director of Growth & Business Intelligence at Olio, a popular food-sharing app, praised Airship's App Experience Editor for allowing his team to rapidly deploy in-app surveys without the need to involve developers.

'Olio is an app that lets people pass on food and household items to others nearby. With over 7 million users and 120k tonnes of CO2 saved so far, it helps avoid waste by encouraging people to share or borrow instead of throwing things away or buying brand new,' said Main. 'Our mission is to drive behavior change at scale, and for this a deep understanding of users is crucial. Airship's App Experience Editor has played an important role in allowing us to build that understanding, enabling us to rapidly deploy in-app surveys without the need to involve developers. With consistently high-completion rates, these surveys give us invaluable data at multiple points across the user lifecycle.'

In an increasingly competitive mobile app market, customer experience has become more important than ever. Brands that are not investing in enhancing their app experience risk losing out on potential revenue and customer loyalty. With Airship's new App Experience Platform innovations, marketers and mobile product owners can now make enhancements and changes themselves, without having to rely on developers, which will undoubtedly improve app retention rates and enhance customer experience.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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