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Unlocking the Future of Home Security: Aqara's Video Doorbell with Facial Recognition
[April 28, 2023]

Unlocking the Future of Home Security: Aqara's Video Doorbell with Facial Recognition

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As the smart home security market continues to evolve, so does the demand for advanced technology that offers both convenience and peace of mind. Aqara, a smart home product developer, has introduced its first smart video doorbell, the G4, to global markets. Boasting on-device AI and compatibility with major smart home platforms, the G4's facial recognition capabilities stand out as a notable differentiator from other smart doorbells.

According to market research firm Omdia, the global smart home market is expected to reach $317 billion by 2026, with the smart security segment being a key driver of this growth. Aqara's new doorbell aligns with this trend, offering features that cater to both consumer convenience and security needs.

The G4 video doorbell is equipped with AI-based facial recognition that operates locally on the device. This allows for faster response times and enhanced privacy protection compared to cloud-based facial recognition. The doorbell's facial recognition capabilities can also be used to trigger customized home automations for different family members and visitors. For instance, when the doorbell recognizes a family member arriving home, a welcome home scene can be activated. Or, the G4 can play a pre-recorded message when it detects the mailman.

Despite the apparent improvement in security features, the G4 may not be well-received by everyone. Facial recognition technology has generated differing opinions among experts and consumers. While some praise its potential to improve security and streamline access control, others raise concerns about privacy and the potential for misuse. As a result, companies like Aqara must carefully balance innovation with user privacy and data protection. The G4's local facial recognition feature, however, may help resolve some of these concerns.

Beyond home security, facial recognition has numerous other use cases, such as streamlining airport security, enhancing payment systems, and personalizing marketing efforts. These applications demonstrate the potential of the technology across various industries - and new use cases are sure to emerge as the technology matures and as acceptance grows.

The G4 is compatible with major third-party smart home platforms, including Apple (News - Alert) Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, enabling simple integration with users' existing smart home ecosystems. The G4 is also one of the few battery-powered video doorbells that support Apple's HomeKit Secure Video, as well as local streaming to Amazon and Google (News - Alert) smart displays. Aqara is planning to add support for the new Matter standard to the G4 via a future OTA update.

Aqara is a subsidiary of Lumi United, a Chinese company that focuses on developing IoT and smart home products. The company has a diverse range of offerings, including smart sensors, lighting, and security devices.

The G4 video doorbell currently comes in two colors - Shadow Gray and Black. It also offers installation flexibility with both wireless and wired installation options. Users can power the device with a pack of 6 AA batteries, which last approximately four months, or wire it to an AC/DC transformer for continuous power and 24/7 recording. The doorbell also features adjustable sensitivity, configurable motion detection, and a power-saving mode for users in high-traffic areas.

Video footage can be stored locally or on the cloud via iCloud or Aqara's platform. Aqara offers a subscription-free cloud storage solution that includes up to 7 days of critical event clips, such as motion detection, facial recognition, doorbell ring, and tamper alerts. Alternatively, users can store video footage locally on a microSD card housed in the indoor chime repeater. The device also supports storage via SMB NAS for even more security and flexibility.

The G4's chime repeater features a 95 dB speaker and a Type-C port, providing indoor placement flexibility.

Aqara's G4 video doorbell integrates next-gen AI-based security capabilities into one of the most common home devices. Though there is still debate over the use of facial recognition technology, in gneral, The G4 shows how the latest innovation can improve smart home security.

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