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Securing the Future of Work with Comprehensive Cyber Security
[April 27, 2023]

Securing the Future of Work with Comprehensive Cyber Security

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As businesses continue to navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape, it's critical for them to have comprehensive threat protection and visibility into their devices and applications.

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid work models, leading to an increased reliance on personal devices and cloud-based applications. While this shift has provided businesses with newfound flexibility and agility, it has also expanded the attack surface for cybercriminals. Organizations must now secure a diverse array of devices, networks, and applications, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a strong security posture.

User behavior plays a significant role here. With the growing prevalence of unmanaged devices and third-party applications increasing the attack surface. Remote and hybrid can present significant security risks without proper security policies in place, as employees often use personal devices, access sensitive data from public Wi-Fi networks, and rely on unsecured applications for collaboration. This shift has made it easier for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities in systems, launch sophisticated attacks to gain unauthorized access to business networks and sensitive data.

In response to these challenges, Talon Cyber Security and CrowdStrike have announced new integrations designed to strengthen threat protection and provide comprehensive visibility into unmanaged devices across modern environments.

Market research firm Gartner (News - Alert) predicts that by 2025, 70% of organizations will experience a significant security incident due to unmanaged devices, emphasizing the importance of securing these devices to protect valuable business assets. The Talon-CrowdStrike collaboration aims to help businesses stay ahead of attackers and reduce risk by providing granular controls for device security posture, proactive threat analysis, and attack surface protection.

Talon Cyber Security offers enterprise browser technology that modernizes security programs and improves user experiences that are ideal for hybrid work environments. The Talon Enterprise Browser, built on Chromium, delivers consistent user experiences, deep security visibility, and control over SaaS (News - Alert) and web applications, simplifying security for the Future of Work.

CrowdStrike is a provider of cloud-delivered protection for endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, and data. Its Falcon platform provides automated threat detection, indicators of compromise (IOCs), and granular URL filtering, defending against malware, blocking access to risky websites, and preventing confidential data loss.

The newly announced integrations between Talon and CrowdStrike Falcon modules include securing unmanaged devices, visualizing user behavior, hunting for threats at scale, and improving security posture and minimizing risk. By leveraging CrowdStrike's threat intelligence and malware scanning, IT teams can secure unmanaged device use across their environments. They can also unify all identity data, including holistic web and authentication data, across managed and unmanaged devices, eliminating blind spots and improving overall understanding of user behavior.

Another challenge arising from the shift to remote and hybrid work models is the need for effective communication and collaboration tools to maximize productivity. As organizations increasingly rely on cloud-based applications and platforms, securing these tools is a critical challenge. The Talon-CrowdStrike integration helps businesses protect their communication and collaboration infrastructures, ensuring that sensitive data remains secure, regardless of employees' location.

The Talon Enterprise Browser integration with CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale, a modern log management and observability platform, allows customers to ingest and analyze historical and real-time browser and device data. This comprehensive visibility accelerates threat hunting and forensics operations. Additionally, Talon combines device posture assessments from CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) with its device metrics to evaluate the security health of managed devices, ensuring security teams can apply appropriate access and data policies.

Gur Talpaz, Vice President of Corporate Development at CrowdStrike, acknowledged the increased demand for an enterprise browser solution to improve security posture, which is why CrowdStrike has deepened its integrations with Talon.

"As a CrowdStrike Falcon Fund partner, we are thrilled to see the continued momentum from Talon and their innovation in empowering customers to secure managed and unmanaged devices," he said.

The collaboration between Talon Cyber Security and CrowdStrike is intended to provide a better opportunity for securing modern environments and providing organizations with the robust protection necessary to combat the evolving threats they face today.

In addition to technology, though, education and training play an essential role in mitigating security risks associated, especially those associated with remote work. Companies need to invest in employee awareness programs to help them identify and avoid potential threats, such as phishing emails and unsecured Wi-Fi networks. The Talon-CrowdStrike partnership complements these efforts by providing the technological foundation that enables organizations to secure their workforces in a modern, remote-centric world.

Companies also must prioritize data privacy and regulatory compliance when implementing remote and hybrid work strategies. This partnership helps businesses maintain compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, by providing the necessary security controls and visibility into data-handling practices.

While experts agree no solution is 100 percent effective, particularly as threats evolve and exploit new security gaps, this partnership improves  visibility into unmanaged devices and secure communication and collaboration tools. It's a step forward that allows businesses to embrace the future of work without compromising their security postures.

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