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Smarter Real Estate Footprints: Innovative VuAI Sensors from AVUITY
[April 27, 2023]

Smarter Real Estate Footprints: Innovative VuAI Sensors from AVUITY

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AVUITY, a prominent provider of innovative workplace technology and space utilization solutions, has announced the launch of its newest line of sensors, VuAI, which are designed to be industry shake-ups with their exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

These AVUITY state-of-the-art VuAI smart sensors employ advanced algorithms to deliver unparalleled precision in real-time data collection and analysis. These cutting-edge sensors can detect occupancy, utilization, and even the slightest of variations in temperature, light, noise, and humidity (thus providing customers exceptionally comprehensive, accurate and reliable information).

AVUITY's CEO, Brad Johnson, expressed excitement about the launch of the new VuAI system. 'Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that sets a new standard in the industry,' Johnson said, 'This is a standard with up to three times the detection area of our previous sensors and twice the battery life. We believe these sensors will be a game-changer for clients who require the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.'

The new sensors offer enterprises a more affordable entry point for obtaining the data necessary for quick and well-informed decisions regarding office space and real estate footprints. The VuAI sensors are also easy to install and operate, ensuring seamless integration into existing building management systems and processes. Additionally, according to AVUITY, they can be 'converted to Power Over Ethernet (POE) and daisy-chained together, allowing clients the ability to customize the system to suit their needs.'

Ian Iliff, Director of IoT & Artificial Intelligence at AVUITY, also took a moment to highlight the improvements made to AVUITY's gateways. According to Iliff, 'We will be releasing the new gateway in the second quarter. With this, along with the new VuAI sensors, we are confident that these technologies will help our customers achieve their goal of optimizing their real estate footprint.'

A single upgraded VuAI sensor can independently monitor the utilization of 20 individual desks within an area of over 1,000 square feet (when installed on a 9-foot ceiling, for example). It can also report both active and passive occupancy (i.e. 'signs of life,' as they're called here) while maintaining a battery life of between 4 and 10 years. The expanded coverage area equips customers well, in terms of reducing the total number of sensors required by more than 30%, a stat that points to significantly lowering hardware and installation costs.

Brad Johnson commented again, this time on the implications for current and future customers. According to Johnson, 'The wider coverage area will materially reduce the total sensor cost for customers. We are preparing by building out our international presence as current customers demand rolling out the new sensor across their entire global real estate portfolio.'

Edited by Alex Passett

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