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Quick-Connect Studio: How Renesas is Transforming IoT Hardware and Software Development
[April 27, 2023]

Quick-Connect Studio: How Renesas is Transforming IoT Hardware and Software Development

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Renesas Electronics Corporation, supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has unveiled its new innovative and online, cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) system design platform called Quick-Connect Studio. This first-of-its-kind platform allows users to graphically build hardware and software, leading to faster prototype validation and accelerated product development.

Traditional development cycles can be quite time-consuming, with engineers having to research, collect device information, create hardware layouts, develop software, test and iterate until the product is ready for the market. These cumbersome steps are often performed sequentially, with software development becoming the biggest bottleneck due to its intensive engineering requirements.

Quick-Connect Studio is transformative in how it allows hardware and software development to occur simultaneously. Designers can now immediately build software while having the flexibility to reconfigure and test product concepts. This not only reduces time spent but also significantly lowers risk, as engineers can validate designs before committing to hardware layouts.

The platform enables engineers to drag and drop device and subsystem blocks on the cloud to create their solutions graphically. After placing each block, users are able to automatically generate, compile, and build software, signifying a major shift toward the no-code development paradigm. This makes constructing production-level software as simple as piecing together old-school building blocks.

In total, Quick-Connect Studio allows users to rapidly create a full solution in the cloud and deploy it to hardware in less than 10 minutes, requiring minimal upfront learning or investment. The cloud's computing power enables swift compilation, while the modern graphical user interface (GUI) reduces the learning curve and encourages project reuse.

Built on the Quick-Connect IoT platform, Renesas' Quick-Connect Studio supports standardized hardware with established industry interfaces such as PMOD, Arduino, and MIKROE. This allows engineers to seamlessly mix and match MCUs, MPUs, sensors, and connectivity boards using standard connectors. In the future, users will also be able to expand beyond Renesas to collaborate with major cloud service providers (CSPs), service integrators, and open-source community leaders.

Chris Allexandre, Senior Vice President, CSMO, and Head of the Global Sales and Marketing Unit at Renesas, emphasized the company's commitment to advancing the digital user experience. 'Quick-Connect Studio exemplifies how Renesas is accelerating the digital development cycle for engineers, enabling the fast validation and testing of new ideas, and allowing designers to innovate quickly using Renesas as their preferred platform.'

Edited by Alex Passett

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